Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

IMSC001. Advanced Mathematics
IMSC002. Theory of Elasticity and Plasticity
IMSC003. Finite Element Method
IMSC004. Advanced Soil Mechanics
IMSC005. Subsurface Investigation and Soil Testing
IMSC006. Advanced Foundation Engineering
IMSC007. Soil Dynamics
IMSC008. Structural Design of Foundations
IMSC009. Special Topics in Geotechnical Engineering
IMSC010. Structural Vibrations
IMSC011. Plates and Shells
IMSC012. Structural Analysis and Finite Elements
IMSC014. Special Topics in Structural Engineering
IMSC015. Numerical Modeling in Geomechanics
IMSC016. Random Vibrations of Structures
IMSC017. Behavior and Design of Steel Members
IMSC018. Ground Improvement Techniques
IMSC019. Slope Stability and Earth Retaining Structures
IMSC020. Special Topics in Geotechnical Engineering I
IMSC022. Special Topics in Structural Engineering I
IMSC023. Special Topics in Structural Engineering II
IMSC024. Advanced Applications of Structural Dynamics
IMSC026. Economic Analysis and Financial Management in Engineering
IMSC027. Fracture mechanics and fatigue
IMSC028. Reliability Analysis in Civil Engineering
IMSC029. Instrumentation Systems in Civil Engineering
IMSC030. Constitutive Modelling in Soil Mechanics
IMSC031. Analysis and Design of Reinforced Concrete Members
IMSC103. Hydrodynamics
IMSC111. Environmental Fluid Mechanics
IMSC116. Sediment Transport
IMSC121. Municipal Solid Waste Management
IMSC202. Environmental Chemistry
IMSC211. Water and Wastewater Treatment: Principles and Applications
IMSC212. Water pollution control: Physical and chemical modeling
IMSC214. Environmental Assessment and Planning: Computer Modeling
IMSC215. Air Pollution Control
IMSC217. Special Topics in Environmental Engineering
IMSC218. Air Pollution Meteorology and Chemistry
IMSC219. Special Topics In Environmental Engineering I
IMSC220. Special Topics in Environmental Engineering II
IMSC222. Special Topics in Environmental Engineering III
IMSC999. Thesis

Department of Computer and Information Science

IECM001. Information Systems Development Methodologies
IECM002. Computer Networks and Internet
IECM003. Distributed Database Management
IECM004. Fundamental of E-Commerce
IECM005. Internet Programming and Java technology
IECM006. Data Warehousing
IECM007. Data Mining and Decision Support Systems
IECM008. Advanced Computer Graphics and multimedia
IECM009. Internet Security and Cryptography
IECM010. Electronic Payment Systems
IECM011. Smart Card Technology and Applications
IECM012. Legal Issues of IT and E-Commerce
IECM013. Topics in E-Commerce
IECM999. Thesis
IMSS001. Fundamentals of Software Engineering
IMSS002. Computer Communications and Networks
IMSS003. Operating Systems and Concurrent Programming
IMSS004. Current Development in Databases
IMSS005. Computer Science Seminars
IMSS006. Compiler Construction
IMSS007. Design and Analysis of Algorithms
IMSS008. Complexity Theory
IMSS009. Formal Methods in Software Engineering
IMSS010. Discrete System Simulation
IMSS011. Computer System Performance Modeling
IMSS012. Computer Graphics – Principles and Systems
IMSS013. Principles and Applications of Artificial Intelligence
IMSS014. Advanced Topics in Computer Science
IMSS015. Advanced Topics in Computer Science I
IMSS016. Advanced Topics in Computer Science II
IMSS017. Principles and Applications of Concurrent Programming
IMSS018. Advances in Pattern Recognition
IMSS019. Machine Translation
IMSS020. Web Mining
IMSS021. Advanced Query Evaluation and Data Management Techniques
IMSS999. Thesis

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

IMSE001. Introduction to Research
IMSE002. Advanced Mathematics
IMSE003. Transients of Electrical Machines
IMSE004. Microelectronic Circuit Design
IMSE005. Digital Signal Processing
IMSE006. Active Network Theory
IMSE007. Advanced Topics in Control Systems
IMSE008. Advanced Topics in Simulation
IMSE009. Expert Systems
IMSE010. Special Operation Modes in Electrical Machines and Power Systems
IMSE011. Microelectronics for Telecommunications and Signal Processing
IMSE012. Laser and Semiconductor Physics
IMSE013. Advanced Topics in Telecommunications
IMSE020. Flexible Alternative Current Transmission System
IMSE021. Embedded System
IMSE022. Advanced Topics in Analog and Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuits
IMSE023. Biomedical Transducers and Instruments
IMSE024. Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage
IMSE025. Special Topics in Biomedical Engineering
IMSE999. Thesis

Department of Electromechanical Engineering

IMEM002. Introduction to Research
IMEM003. Physics of Materials
IMEM004. Variational Principles and the Application
IMEM005. Computer-Aided Geometry Design
IMEM006. Computer-Integrated Design and Manufacturing
IMEM007. Mechatronics
IMEM008. Process Heat Transfer
IMEM009. Convective Heat Transfer
IMEM010. Computational Method for Thermo-Fluid System
IMEM011. Energy Conversion and Utilization
IMEM012. Introduction to Advanced Robotics and Control
IMEM015. Fluid Power Engineering
IMEM016. Intelligent Theory and Manufacturing
IMEM017. Advanced Manufacturing
IMEM018. Special Topics in Manufacturing I
IMEM019. Special Topics in Manufacturing II
IMEM020. Special Topics in Thermal Engineering I
IMEM021. Special Topics in Thermal Engineering II
IMEM022. Automotive Engineering
IMEM023. Failure Analysis in Mechanical Engineering
IMEM024. Advanced Electrical Services
IMEM025. Advanced Electro-mechanical Energy Conversion
IMEM026. Human Factors Engineering
IMEM027. Industrial Engineering and Enterprise Resource Planning
IMEM028. Engineering Acoustics
IMEM029. Advanced Electric Vehicles
IMEM999. Thesis

Department of Mathematics

IMAT001. Functional Analysis
IMAT002. Real Analysis
IMAT003. Advanced Numerical Linear Algebra
IMAT004. Advanced Probability and Statistics
IMAT005. Clifford Analysis
IMAT006. Geometry and Its Applications
IMAT007. Mathematical Theory of Computational Intelligence
IMAT008. Matrix Analysis
IMAT009. Numerical Methods for Differential Equations
IMAT010. Partial Differential Equations
IMAT011. Reading Course I
IMAT012. Reading Course II
IMAT013. Stochastic Differential Equations
IMAT014. Stochastic Processes
IMAT015. Time Series Analysis
IMAT016. Topics in Analysis
IMAT017. Topics in Geometry
IMAT018. Topics in Matrix Analysis
IMAT019. Topics in Partial Differential Equations
IMAT020. Topics in Probability and Statistics
IMAT021. Financial Mathematics
IMAT999. Thesis