Course Code Title/Author Ed. ISBN Publisher Year Bookstore Text Book /
Reference Book
CIVL2001 Mechanics of Materials (SI Unit) / Beer, F.P., Johnston, E.R., DeWolf, J.T. and Mazurek, D.F.  8 9780073398235 McGraw Hill Companies  2020 PCM Text Book
EMEN2000 Mechanics of Materials / Ferdinand Beer, E. Johnston, John DeWolf and David Mazurek 8th 9781260113273 McGraw Hill 2020 PCM Text Book
EMEN3015 A First Course in the Finite Element Method / Daryl L. Logan  6th 9780357676424 Cengage 2023 PCM Text Book
ECEN1008 Fundamentals of Physics / David Halliday, Robert Resnick, Jearl Walker  10th or 11th are ok 9781118886328 Wiley 2014 / 2018 PCM Text Book
GEST1004 Calculus Early Transcendentals / C H Edwards, D E Penney International Edition, 7th Edition 9781292022178 Prentice Hall 2013 PCM Text Book
GEST1004 Calculus Early Transcendental / C.H. Edwards & D.E. Penney 7th 0136158404 Pearson Education International, Prentice Hall 2008 PCM Text Book
CIVL2000 Vector Mechanics for Engineers – Statics and Dynamics, 12e (SI) / Ferdinand Beer, E. Johnston, David Mazurek, Phillip Cornwell, Brian Self and S. Sanghi 12th   McGraw-Hill 2023 PCM Text Book
CISC1004 Introduction to Computer Science / Glenn Brookshear and Dennis Brylow 13th 9781292263427 Pearson Education 2020 PCM Text Book
MATH2005 John E. Freund’s Mathematical Statistics with Applications / I. Miller & M. Miller 8th 9781292025001 Pearson Education Limited   2014 PCM Text Book
MATH3002 Basic Stochastic Processes / Z. Brzezniak & T. Zastawniak  1st 3540761756 Springer-Verlag   2005 PCM Text Book
CISC1000 Computing Essentials 2023 /  Timothy J. O’Leary 29th 9781265263218 McGraw-Hill 2023   Text Book