Fullerene-Based Materials for Efficient and Stable Perovskite Solar Cells

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Prof. Chengbo Tian
College of Materials Science and Engineering, Huaqiao University

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Perovskite solar cells are promising candidates for next-generation photovoltaic technology due to their low-cost, scalable fabrication and high power conversion efficiency (PCE) above 25% Fullerenes and their derivatives can act as efficient electron transport layers, interfacial modification layers, and trap state passivators in perovskite solar cells, all of which play an important role in increasing efficiency, reducing current hysteresis, and enhancing device stability, Therefore, understanding the relationship between the chemical structures of fullerenes and their photovoltaic properties is the key scientific issues in this field. In this report, we’ll introduce the progress of our recent works on the functional fullerene materials and their related highpertormance perovskite solar cells.


Chengbo Tian is an associate professor in the Institute of Luminescent Materials and Information Displays, College of Materials Science and Engineering, Huaqiao University. He received his Ph.D. degree in Inorganic Chemistry from Xiamen University in 2015. After working as a postdoctoral fellow at University of Texas at El Paso and Huazhong University of Science and Technology, he joined Huagiao University in 2019. His current research interest includes the coordination chemistry of fullerenes, functional fullerenes, and their photovoltaicapplications.



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