Short Seminar Course – Connected and Autonomous Driving

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UM is running a research program on Connected and Autonomous Driving, funded by FDCT. CAD Test platforms are to be landed on campus soon. This course is an integral educational component of this program. It’s objectives are to help students:

– Gain basic knowledge and principles about CAD
– Gain hands-on practical experience in Carla simulation and Baidu Apollo








Targeted audience 

– Seniors and postgraduates with interest in autonomous driving and connected vehicles
– Good standing of FST/IoTSC/ICI postgraduates; Knowledge in Python is not must, but a plus



– 19 October to 30 October, 2020 (10 days)
– 9:30am-12:30pm weekday (2 hours/day lectures, plus 1 hour/day for hands-on labs)



Due to the limits of class size, please register by scanning the QR code: 







Format & Topical Contents 

– Lectures on principles by knowledgeable professors, plus tutorials by experienced engineers
– Form groups to compete with each other in self-driving car races 

– Overview of CAD (Chengzhong Xu, Chair Professor of CIS)
– Sensing technologies for self-driving (Hui Kong of NJUST, Guest Lecturer)
– Visual computing for self-driving (Jiantao Zhou, Assoc. Prof of CIS)
– Deep ML for autonomous driving (Chengzhong Xu, Chair Professor of CIS)
– V2X communication and edge computing for connected vehicles (Yuan Wu, Assoc. Prof of CIS)
– Data and knowledge fusion for CAD (Ryan U, Assoc. Prof of CIS)
– Modeling and analysis of hybrid human/autonomous driving (Zhenning Li, Research Fellow of IoTSC)
– Legal, security/privacy and regulation of autonomous driving (Kun Pang Kou, Assoc. Prof of CEE)
– Tutorial on Baidu Apollo (Baidu engineer)
– Tutorial on Carla Simulation in Python  (TA)



This is a zero-credit hour seminar course, certificate will be issued after completing the course. For inquires, please send email to

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