UM Doctor honoris causa Lecture: Innovation for Billions by Dr Chio Fai Aglaia Kong
澳門大學榮譽博士講座 ─ 億萬創新 ─ 江朝暉博士

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Date: 13 December 2021
Time:  11:15 am-12:30 pm
Venue: N2 University Hall, University of Macau

澳門大學榮譽博士江朝暉將於12月13日(星期一)在澳門大學以“億萬創新” 為題進行演講,歡迎有興趣人士參加。

江朝暉女士是一位傑出的科技專家和技術領導者。曾參與研發的重大發明和專利,至今累積超過15項與存儲虛擬化、導航、文件系統和電源管理相關,無不實用性高。她往往能把高深的科技和理論化繁為簡,普及大眾使用,提升人類生活便利度。同時,她也熱衷推動全球科技事業的發展,她為全球提供300多場活動演講,分享其專業知識及創新理念;為海外多家初創公司提供顧問服務;擔任華東師範大學和中國浙江大學顧問教授;任職思科中國期間,開發新產品以滿足中國獨特趨勢帶來的需求,並為中國提供智慧城市解決方案;現職廣東躍昉科技公司,是為推進國內自主研發生產的開源芯片,以滿足國內芯片的高需求,助力打造屬於中國的芯片。講座將於12月13日(星期一)上午11時15分在澳門大學N2大學會堂,以英語進行,有興趣人士請於12月9日或之前登入以下網址報名: 查詢可以以電郵聯絡林小姐:

Chio Fai Aglaia Kong, an honorary doctor of the University of Macau (UM) on Monday 13 December will give a talk titled ‘Innovation for Billions’ at UM. All are welcome.

Chio Fai Aglaia Kong is an outstanding technology expert and technology leader. She participated into the research and development of major inventions and patents, and has accumulated more than 15 items related to storage virtualization, navigation, file system and power management, all of which are highly practical. Ms. Chio Fai Aglaia Kong can simplify advanced technology and theories, popularize the use of them, and made human life easier and convenient. At the same time, she is also keen to promote the development of global science and technology. She has provided more than 300 lectures around the world to share her professional knowledge and innovative ideas; provided consulting services for numerical overseas companies; served as a consulting professor at East China Normal University and Zhejiang University in China ; When she was working at Cisco China, she developed new products to meet the needs of Chinese market and provided smart city solutions to China; now she is working at Guangdong Yuefang Technology Co., Ltd. to promote local research and development and production of open-source chips, in order to meet the high demand and create a ‘Made in China’ chip in China. The lecture will be held at the University Hall N2 of the University of Macau at 11:15 am on December 13th (Monday) in English. Please visit the following website and register on or before December 9th For inquiries, please contact Ms. Lam via









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