The publicly available data such as the massive and dynamically updated news and social media data streams (a.k.a. big data) covers the various aspects of social activities, personal views and expressions, which points to the importance of understanding and discovering the knowledge patterns underlying the big data, and the need of developing methodologies and techniques to discover real-world events from such big data, to manage and to analyze the discovered events in an efficient and elegant way. In this talk we introduce techniques of discovering events from the multi-modal big data and building an event cube model to support event queries and analysis, by addressing the tasks of data cleansing, data fusion, event detection and modeling. Preliminary experimental results on some of the tasks will be reported. We further explore and connect the important events discovered in a multimodal collection of inputs from various public sources, uncover their co-occurrence and track down the spatial and temporal dependency to answer the challenging questions of “how” and “why”. A novel event cube (EC) model is devised to support various queries and analysis tasks of events; such events include those discovered by techniques of untargeted event detection (UED) and targeted event detection (TED) from multi-sourced data. More specifically, based on essential event elements of 5W1H, the EC model is developed to organize the discovered events from multiple dimensions, and to operate on the events at various levels of granularity, which facilitates analyzing and mining hidden/inherent relationships among the events effectively.


Qing Li is a Professor at the Department of Computer Science, and the Director of the Engineering Research Centre on Multimedia Software at the City University of Hong Kong, where he joined as a faculty member since Sept 1998. He received his B.Eng. from Hunan University (Changsha), and M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Southern California (Los Angeles), all in computer science. His research interests include multi-modal data management, conceptual data modeling, social media and Web services, and e-learning systems. He has authored/co-authored over 400 publications in these areas. He is actively involved in the research community and has served as an associate editor of a number of major technical journals including IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering (TKDE), ACM Transactions on Internet Technology (TOIT), Data and Knowledge Engineering (DKE), World Wide Web (WWW), and Journal of Web Engineering, in addition to being a Conference and Program Chair/Co-Chair of numerous major international conferences. He also sits in the Steering Committees of DASFAA, ER, ACM RecSys, IEEE U-MEDIA, and ICWL. Prof. Li is a Fellow of IET (UK), a senior member of IEEE (US) and a distinguished member of CCF (China).

Prof. Qing LI
City University of Hong Kong

Date & Time
11 Jan 2018 (Thursday) 10:00 – 11:00

E11-4045 (University of Macau)

Organized by
Department of Computer and Information Science