The University of Macau team

The 5th National College Students Structure Design Contest has been successfully held in Southeast University in Nanjing, China from 20th to 24th October, 2011. The team from University of Macau rewards several accomplishments, including Distinguished Structure Award, Distinguished Organized Award, and Outstanding Performance Award of Specially Invited Campus, This contest gathered 73 teams from campus in mainland, as well as countries and areas abroad.

The National University Students Structure Design Contest, mainly hosted by the Education Ministry and the Civil Engineering Association of China, is regarded as one of the most innovative and challenging professional contest among the nine national university student contests recognized by the Education Ministry of China, aiming to establish a communicative platform for arousing spirits of creative thinking, together with realistic practice, so as to cultivate excellent and competent engineers in various fields in the future. Each team from mainland China was the selected best team inside their campus through intensive competitions to represent their university and well prepared at home with high attention and great support from their university because it is an opportunity to show the students’ strength of each university at national level.

The topic of the contest this year, provided by Southeast University is to fabricate a four-storey tower with one meter height within 24 hours separated in six sections. In place of traditional wood structure, bamboo, extreme tiny layer with high tensile properties, is employed this year. During the testing, each team representative has to put pre-designed weights on various storeys with a water tank on the top. Then three progressive earthquake waves was input at the bottom plate which is connected to the tower. After the terrible strong Tangshan Earthquake, as well as the Sichuan earthquake and Japan earthquake in recent years, Southeast University introduced this contest topic so as to arouse the concern and creative mind about earthquake in the fields of structure from undergraduate students. At the ending speech, the host expressed its pleasure about the high level of innovation and breakthrough of the distinguished models.

On the other hands, the Structure Design Contest has gradually stepped into an international contest and it was the first time to invite campus from countries and areas beyond mainland China. Besides University of Macau, the University of Tennessee from America, Meijo University from Japan and National Taiwan University were specially invited to participate in the contest.

It is the fourth time for the University of Macau to participant in the competition. The representing team of University of Macau was consisted of two senior students Steve, Cheok Meng Fai and Thomas, Jiang Chuanglong, and one sophomore student Brian, Lee majored in Civil and Environmental Engineering of Faculty of Science and Technology, leaded by Prof. Er Guokang and Dr. Lam Chi Chiu. After a series of preparation including model simulation, fabrication and numerical analysis inside the campus for nearly one and a half months, the team eventually successfully overcame the challenge of earthquake and received three awards with the stiff and steady structure model.

The representative students said, through a series of emerging ideas, analysis, birth of the preliminary model, together with continuous skill sharpening and process improvement, the final model eventually passed through the test and received admiration. After learning and communication with elites from various campuses, the students were enlightened by their top skills and innovation in view of structure.






本校參賽學生表示, 通過一連串的意念併發,分析整理,到結構雛型的誕生,經過不斷的手工磨練和進作情序優化,比賽模型終於成功通過測試。於東南大學觀摩各地精英頂尖的技巧和創新的意念,更令參賽代表對結構分析得到深層次的啓發。