2018 IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics (IEEE SMC 2018) was held in Miyazaki, Japan this October. The news from the conference is that C. L. Philip Chen, the chair professor of Faculty of Science and Technology, University of Macau, wins the 2018 Norbert Wiener Award for his outstanding contributions in the areas of machine learning, pattern understanding, and image classification.

In memory of Norbert Wiener, the creator of “Cybernetics”, the Norbert Wiener Award was established in 1980 by IEEE Systems, Man, and Cybernetics Society. The award is regarded as the highest award in the field of cybernetics.

Prof. Chen’s research interests include intelligent systems and control, computational intelligence, hybrid intelligence, unmanned systems and data science. He is the member of Academia Europaea, the IEEE fellow, AAAS Fellow, IAPRfellow. He is also a Fellow of CAA and Fellow of HKIE and an Academician of International Academy of Systems and Cybernetics Science (IASCYS). In March 2018, he is listed in world top 14 having the most highly cited paper in computer science area by WoS.

澳門大學科技學院講座教授陳俊龍參與於日本宮崎市召開的“2018年IEEE系統、人與控制論國際會議",並獲國際獎項“諾伯特.維納獎"(Norbert Wiener Award)。該獎是系統與控制論領域的最高獎項,表彰了陳俊龍在機器學習、模式理解、圖像分類等領域的研究作出的傑出貢獻。

“諾伯特.維納獎"是全球最大、非營利性專業技術組織“國際電機暨電子工程師學會"(IEEE)為紀念“控制論”創始人諾伯特.維納(Norbert Wiener)而於1980年設立,由IEEE系統、人與控制論學會管理。

陳俊龍主要科研在智能系統與控制、計算智能、混合智能、無人系統、數據科學方向。他是歐洲科學院院士(Academia Europaea)、IEEE Fellow(院/會士)、美國科學促進會AAAS Fellow(院/會士)、國際模式識別 IAPR Fellow(院/會士)、國際系統及控制論科學院IASCYS 院士、中國自動化學會(CAA)及香港工程師學會(HKIE)會士。他亦是Clarivate Analytics的全球高被引科學家。