The impression towards UM

Li Qianyun (Jasmine) is one of the outstanding students of Department of Computer and Information Science in academic year 2019/2020. She is a self-disciplined person who will read reference books on holiday to enrich her knowledge and add value to herself. She mentioned about her impression of UM, ‘UM is an international university that could link up with the world. The teaching here is in English, the academic background, published papers and research of professors are more cutting-edge.’ Meanwhile, Jasmine also mentioned the culture in UM. ‘Here, I can really feel the multi-culture. I get along with the friends and feel that every classmate has their unique personalities.’she says. For Jasmine, the biggest treasure in UM in the past 4 years is to be able to learn independently. ‘I was used to be supervised by teachers in high school, but in university, it is necessary to learn on your own initiative and well manage your time.’ In regards of choosing Computer and Information Science as her subject, ‘Computer Science seems very professional, and personally I am interested in Science.’ Jasmine says. ‘I also discovered that Computer Science is a sizeable subject when I get started with it. There are many branches, and it is difficult to learn all the knowledge.’ Spending 4 years in UM, She is given a comprehensive understanding of Computer Science. Having a solid foundation, Jasmine will continue to study for a master degree in the university in Europe.

Making good use of image segmentation to estimate the number of E.coli bacteria

Jasmine’s final year project is a collaborative research with Lin Guangze, another outstanding classmate of Computer and Information Science, it is about using image segmentation to estimate the numbers of of E.coli bacteria. The supervisor of two of them is Prof. Chen Long, his research interest is intelligent computing and its applications. Before Jasmine and Guangze decided their project’s topic, they had taken many courses of Prof. Chen Long. They believed that many biological experiments and time for testing could be saved if intelligent computing and image segmentation could be adopted in calculating the numbers of E.coli bacteria. They had 9 pictures of E. coli bacteria, firstly, they turned the original color photos into black and white, and then cut the image piece by piece, afterwards, they used an application to calculate the numbers of bacteria in each image. It took only a few seconds to calculate the result by using the application program they designed, and it took only 20-30 seconds if for a more accurate result. However, many difficulties were occurred during the whole research process, such as the background was incorrectly segmented, the edges of the pictures were uneven, the graphics were stuck together which made the calculation process even more difficult. However, if people could adjust the medicine if they know the numbers of E. coli bacteria. The increase or decrease in the numbers of E.coli bacteria can also help to adjust the potency of the drug which can bring a valuable contribution to the industry.

Continuing the learning journey of computer science

Jasmine who performed well in class has won several scholarships in the past four years. She would like to thank Prof. Chen for his guidance. Together with Lin Guangze, three of them own a WeChat group for the purpose of doing final project. Jasmine shared that Prof. Chen is a conscientious person who will respond quickly every time when they encountered research related questions. His recommendations usually inspire them and give them a clearer direction. Jasmine also shared her personal experiences to other underclassmen, ‘They could make a good use of use their summer break by assisting professor in their laboratories so as to accumulate more scientific research experiences.’ she says. ‘Because the knowledge in textbook will be outdated sooner or later, but professor’s research is generally more cutting-edge, and the experiences can also become an advantage to apply for a master degree in the future.’ Jasmine will study in Europe for a master degree in the coming year, she wishes that she could carry out the experiences in UM and continue her learning  journey of Computer Science in the near future.







The outstanding student of CIS – Jasmine Li
電腦及資訊科學系的優秀學生 – 黎倩雲

Another outstanding student of CIS – Lin Guangze
另一位電腦及資訊科學系的優秀學生- 林光澤

Image segmentation to estimate the number of E. Coli Bacteria