The National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) has announced the awardees of 2020 Excellent Young Scientists Fund(Hong Kong and Macao area). Among the 25 selected scholars from Hong Kong and Macao SAR regions , three professors from the University of Macau (UM) were successfully awarded the fund, two of them are from FST. The assistant professor of DPC, Prof. CAI Yongqing is one of awardees from FST. 

Professor Cai’s “High-throughput Materials Informatics” involves the adoption of high-throughput simulation for the design of new catalyst materials for hydrogen evolution reaction and optimized interfaces. Through examining the modulation of the composition and the interface and their effects on the physical and chemical properties of materials, multi-dimensional data base of materials informatics will be built for a data-driven exploration of materials. Each selected scholar will receive RMB 1.3 million (approximately MOP 1.5 million) funding to conduct research in Macau for 3 years.

The National Natural Science Foundation’s Excellent Young Scientists Fund was first opened to young scholars from eight universities in Hong Kong and Macau since 2019. NSFC received many applications for the fund. It also shows the support of Central Government for the development of science and technology innovation of Hong Kong and Macau. It is expected to help to cultivate more outstanding scientific talents for the country, so that they can achieve greater achievements in the cutting-edge research, and become the technological power of the country.

Let’s all congratulate Professor Cai!