Greetings from the FST Exchange Program! As the second semester has just started, it is time for an update with the latest news of the 2011/2012 academic year.

During the summer break we received the visit of Dr. Mohamed Amal from Universidade de Blumenau, Brazil (FURB) to support and promote our exchange program with them. We also received Prof. Achim Karduck and Prof. Monika Frey-Luxemberger from Furtwangen University, Germany with whom FST has an active student exchange since 2006.

Regarding students, on the incoming side we received a total of 19 students from four universities, while on the outgoing side six students went overseas to universities in Germany and China.

In the first semester:

In the current semester:

If this has made you interested in the FST student exchange opportunities, please check more information on our website: https://www.fst.um.edu.mo/en/exchange/index.html

Dr. Mohamed Amal – FURB Coordinator of the International Relations Office.

João Altenburg (left), Gisele Locatelli (middle) and Rafael Nunes (right) from FURB.

Roy Tang (left), Vincent Lei (2nd right) and Jacky Wong (right) with their German professor at HFU.