The Faculty of Science and Technology (FST) of the University of Macau (UM) presents the 2021/2022 “Teaching Excellence Award” and “Research Excellence Award” to 4 professors today (23 March). After the selection by FST management committee, the “Teaching Excellence Award” were presented to Prof Hu Guanghui, Associate Professor in the Department of Mathematics and Prof Chi Chiu Lam, Angus, Associate Professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. The “Research Excellence Awards” were presented to Prof Zhou Wanhuan, Hannah, Professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Prof Wong Fai, Derek, Associate Professor in the Department of Computer and Information Science. The award aims to commend these professors for their constantly improvement in teaching and perseverance and innovation in research. They successfully enhance the quality of teaching and research of UM, as well as setting up a role model for other academic staff and students.

Prof Hu Guanghui has been teaching in UM since 2018. He has made a lot of contributions to innovative teaching. He is committed to build an online learning platform for students so that they are allowed to conduct coding exercises such as numerical analysis at anytime anywhere. During the class, he introduced interesting historical stories, and constantly stimulated students’ desire and fun of exploration and learning, which was widely praised by students. He also encouraged students to use numerous electronic resources to enrich their extra-curricular knowledge, so as to cultivate their self-learning ability. He makes important contributions to the promotion of Mathematics.

Prof Chi Chiu Lam has been teaching in UM for many years. He has rich teaching experiences and teaches a variety of disciplines, such as drafting in civil engineering, material strength and steel structure design. As an alumnus of UM, Prof. Lam aims to carry on the past heritage and open up the future by building up correct engineering awareness and professional judgment for the new generation. He provides guidance and visits construction sites with students after class. Over the years, he has cultivated many engineering elites for Macau.

Prof Zhou Wanhuan’s research interest is about prevention and control of geotechnical engineering disasters. Her research projects such as urban rail transit safety monitoring technology, tunnel excavation technology and the integrated application of intelligent operation and maintenance technology for the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, have been awarded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China. Funded by NSFC, MOST and FDCT. In the past 2 years, a total of 18 Category A articles have been published in prestigious journals and academic conferences in the field of geotechnical engineering. The total number of citations in Web of Science has reached more than 2,000, and the h-index is 30. In addition, Prof Zhou is the vice chairman of the Macao Geotechnical Engineering Association and the director of several geotechnical engineering academic associations. She is the associate editor and member of the editorial board of many international journals such as International Journal of Geomechanics and Canadian Geotechnical Journal. She was selected as the awardee of the Excellent Young Scientists Fund (Hong Kong and Macau) in 2020. Her works have successfully brought broader influence and international reputation to UM and the Faculty.

Prof Wong Fai’s research interest is machine translation. In the past, research and resources on Chinese-Portuguese machine translation were seriously inadequate, and many core technologies had to be developed by himself. He and his team released the “Online Chinese-Portuguese Computer-Aided Translation platform”. (UM-CAT) has successfully transformed knowledge into products, providing more professional and accurate full-text intelligent translation for Chinese-Portuguese-English translation, and the platform was adopted by Macau government, local enterprises and students. As the first scholar in the field of machine translation in Macau, Prof Wong was honored with the first Macau Science and Technology Award Technology Progress Award for his remarkable achievements in promoting the research of machine translation.

FST presents the “Excellent Teaching Award” and the “Research Excellence Award” as a recognition to academic staff in making unremitting efforts in teaching and research. It reflects the pursuit of the qualities of teaching and research of FST, as well as the aims of stimulating talent development, scientific progress and local competitiveness of the university.

澳門大學科技學院今 (3月23日) 頒發2021/2022學年年度「優秀教學獎」及「卓越研究獎」予四位教授。經過學院相關管理委員會的遴選,「優秀教學獎」由數學系副教授胡光輝及土木及環境工程系副教授林智超奪得,而「卓越研究獎」則由土木及環境工程系教授周萬歡及電腦及資訊科學系副教授黃輝獲得。獎項旨在表揚他們以身作則、至臻完美的教學以及在科研上鍥而不捨的精神,為澳大及科技學院提升教學科研水平,同時為師生們樹立良好榜樣。



土木及環境工程系教授周萬歡的研究方向是岩土工程災害防治,多個研究項目如城市軌道交通安全監測技術、隧道開挖技術及港珠澳大橋智能化運維技術集成應用等皆獲國家自然科學基金、國家科技部及澳門科學技術發展基金資助。過去2年共有18篇A類文章獲發表於岩土工程領域著名期刊及學術會議上。在Web of Science總引用次數達2,000多次,h-index 為30;周教授兼任澳門岩土工程協會副理事長及多個岩土工程學術協會理事。擔任 International Journal of Geomechanics, Canadian Geotechnical Journal 等多個國際期刊副主編及編委會成員。 2020年入選獲批國家自然科學基金優秀青年科學基金項目(港澳),在學術上精益求精,成功為澳大及科技學院帶來更深的影響力及國際聲譽。



4 awardees of FST 2021/2022 “Teaching Excellence Award”
and “Research Excellence Award”

Prof Hu Guanghui, the awardee of
“Teaching Excellence Award”

Prof Chi Chiu Lam, the awardee of
“Teaching Excellence Award”

Prof Zhou Wanhuan, the awardee of
“Research Excellence Award”

Prof Wong Fai, the awardee of
“Research Excellence Award”