Dr. Hay Ip LEE, a senior geotechnical consultant from LDA Foundation Engineering and Consulting Co. Macao gave a talk entitled “Engineering Design Process” at the Faculty of Science and Technology on 14 Nov 2019. In this talk, he shared his rich experience in studying and as a professional engineer in the United States, and his career development as senior geotechnical engineer aboard and in Macao. He then used real examples to introduce the five main processes in the civil engineering project, namely Planning, Engineering, Construction, Operation and Maintenance, Removal. Then, he gave a detailed explanation of these five processes and their importance. He cited many local civil engineering projects (Macau Tower etc.) as examples to explain the details to the audience. The seminar was hosted by Mr. Iat Meng WAN, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, and it is designed for freshmen majoring in civil engineering to get to know and learn the duties, responsibilities and prospects of a civil engineer.