Prof. Bilu Liu, Full Professor of Institute of Materials Research &Shenzhen Geim Graphene Center, Tsinghua Shenzhen International Graduate School (SIGS), Tsinghua University, gave a talk entitled ‘Inorganic 2D Material Liquid Crystals’ at the Faculty of Science and Technology on 13 Oct. This event was hosted by Prof. Pengzhan Sun, Assistant Professor of Institutional of Applied Physics and Material Engineering (IAPME). Prof. Guichuan Xin, Prof. Handong Sun, Prof. Songnan Qu, etc, professors of IAPME also attended the seminar.

At the seminar, Prof. Liu shared his latest research results in the field inorganic liquid crystal. During his presentation, he discussed the discovery of the giant magneto-optical effect in 2D liquid crystals Co-doped titanium oxide with an aspect ratio larger than 1000. He also shared insights into the magnetic field controlled transmitted interference colors and the further applications of stable transmitted UV-C modulator by wide band gap LCs like hexagonal boron nitride. Notably, he highlighted the lab’s production of 2D LCs and the procedures he developed to scale up the material from lab to industrial scale. Additionally, he shared the exciting finding of large-scale synthesis of 2D material from natural minerals. The research sparked an impassioned discussion among many professors, who found the presentation interesting and engaging.