Prof. Elena USHAKOVA from City University of Hong Kong gave a talk entitled ‘Luminescent Materials’ at the Faculty of Science and Technology on 25 Sep 2019. At the seminar, Prof. Ushakova discussed the implementing of lead sulfide quantum dots (PbS QDs) and lead-based perovskite films and nanocrystals (NCs) for future photonic devices with a focus on their optical properties. While designing the nanostructured complex materials, one of the main points that should be concerned is the interaction of the material compounds which can result, for instance, in the desired increase of the charge transfer efficiency or in the uncontrollable quenching of luminophore emission. Prof. Ushakova figured out the enhancement of the optical properties, such as absorbance and emission of nanoparticles, is achieved by the fabrication of hybrid material with plasmonic nanoparticles.