Prof. Huajian GAO from Nanyang Technological University gave a talk entitled “Mechanics Research in New Materials, Energy and Health Related Fields” at the Faculty of Science and Technology on 28 Oct 2019. At the seminar, Prof. Gao, shared his latest research results in mechanic research. The talk was aimed to summarize some of the recent research on using mechanics to address a wide range of emerging problems encountered in the development of new materials and in energy and health related technologies. On the development of new materials, the talk focused on the understanding of mechanical properties and behaviors of nanotwinned materials, nanolattice materials and 2D materials that have rapidly come on stage during the last decade. On energy-related issues, the recent progresses in mechanics and mechanical degradation mechanisms in lithium ion batteries was discussed. On health-related research, selected topics include mechanics-guided development of novel biomedical technologies such as membrane active anti-biotics, adhesive heart patches and 2D materials that prevent mosquito/insect bites.