Prof. Liu Yaxing from North University of China gave a talk entitled ‘Self-driven Evolution of Au@Pd Core-shell Nanostructure for Enhanced Electrocatalytic Performance’ at the Faculty of Science and Technology on Nov. 01, 2023.  At the seminar, Prof Liu, shared his/her latest research results in the electrocatalysis.  He talked about a typical Au@Pd_Core-Shell nanostructure with the microstructural evolution of heterogeneous catalytic materials during the methanol electrooxidation reaction (MOR). Noteworthy, the electrocatalytic activity of as-prepared Au@Pd_Core-Shell nanoparticles displays a continuous increase within the initial 100th successive cyclic voltammetry cycles for MOR. Both experiment and calculation results indicate that the formation of Au/Pd mixed bimetallic shell can assist in reducing the binding strengths of OH− and CO on the catalyst structure surface. In addition, the exposed Au atoms in the shell region can also produce a large scale of reactive ·OH radicals to facilitate the oxidative removal of adsorbed carbonaceous on adjacent Pd active sites.