Quantum Information Research Group of the Institute of Applied Physics and Materials Engineering at UM – from Left: Prof Ian Hou, Prof Tang Zikang, Prof Sun Pengzhan, Prof Lai Shen 應用物理及材料工程研究院量子資訊研究組,左起:殷灝教授、湯子康教授、孫鵬展教授、賴屾教授

Prof Ian Hou's study involves using classical coherent light for quantum computing processing. 殷灝教授的研究涉及利用經典相干光束進行量子計算。他與其他澳大研究人員利用本圖所示的光學設置,借助量子力學原理執行一種演算法,檢測一種可用於加密電子簽名的密碼散列函數的弱點

Materials that exhibit a nonlinear Hall effect caused by the ‘Berry connection polarisability tensor’ can effectively detect electromagnetic waves in the terahertz frequency range 基於「貝裡連接極化張量」的非線性霍爾效應材料可以高效探測太赫茲波段的電磁波

This image shows how hydrogen atoms and subatomic particles such as protons can be selectively transported through the lattice in two-dimensional materials like graphene本圖顯示石墨烯等二維晶體可有選擇性地讓氫原子等原子和質子等亞原子粒子穿過其晶格