Focusing on Structural Health Monitoring

Professor Yan Wangji is from the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) of the FST, he is also one of the research members of State Key Laboratory of Internet of Things for Smart City (SKL-IoTSC). and the Centre for Regional Oceans. Before joining UM, he served as a postdoctoral fellow at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. He achieved the Huangshan Young Scholar professorship in 2014 by Hefei University of Technology where he served as a Full Professor. In 2018, he achieved Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship and went to the UK for researching. When discussed about the reason of teaching at UM, he says, ‘UM has grown rapidly since moving to the new campus, it brings in many expertise which is very similar to HKUST before, so I am very confident in UM’s future.’ 

Structural health and safety monitoring

Professor Yan’s research focuses on structural health monitoring, such as health and safety monitoring of bridges and towers. ‘The health of each structure can be reflected through signal and data processing. It is the same with human’s heartbeat and blood pressure, our health level can be monitored via these data. Just like we need to check with doctor for the reason of illness before we get proper medical treatment.’ Prof Yan shares, ‘more attention nowadays is paid to the maintenance of structure, as the life of each structure can reach decades, or even hundreds of years, regular health monitoring can help to pretend potential public safety hazards.’

Interdisciplinary study

Facing the tide of artificial intelligence, new technologies have already had an impact on different industries and research fields. The research on structural health monitoring has no exception. ‘Most of the works such as signal processing, data collection, data analysis and safety assessment for structures can incorporate artificial intelligence technology.’ Prof Yan says. ‘There could be more new industries emerge in the future, students should not limit themselves to one field when there are so many rich opportunities.’

Experiences on the research journey 

To successfully make a breakthrough in academic study, it is necessary to go through a long-term researching and long-term hard working, it is usual for spending years of time to solve a research problem. Prof Yan shares his experiences on the journey of research, ‘only when you endure the loneliness, you can insist yourself in the enjoyment.’ Prof Yan also encouraged students to be more persistent and patient. He hoped that more talents could join into the research group in the near future, and continue to make achievements in structural health monitoring and structural dynamics.

顏王吉教授 研究結構健康監測學者







要在研究上有所進展,就要經過長期鑽研及努力,縱使遇上瓶頸位或花費以年計算的時間去解決一個疑點亦屬等閒事。顏教授形容研究之路就是要「耐得住寂寞,才能守得住繁華。」勉勵學生要懂得堅持和忍耐。他期望有更多志同道合的專才加入結構振動與監測的研究團隊 ,在結構健康監測和動力災變的研究上貢獻力量。

Professor Yan shared his research in
structural health monitoring