The Faculty of Science and Technology (FST) of the University of Macau (UM) and Tsinghua University launched an exchange program this year. There are 7 outstanding undergraduates from the Department of Electrical Engineering of Tsinghua University completed a one-semester exchange program at UM. Exchange students participated in a summary meeting held by FST today (May 11) to share their learning experiences and research achievements at UM. Nearly ten professors from the two universities also participated online and offline. In the future, the two universities will deepen the cooperation and work together to cultivate more talents with innovation and creativity, affection for home country and global perspectives.

In addition to experiencing UM’s unique residential college system, whole-person education and multicultural environment, the exchange students also went to the nation’s first state key laboratory in the Internet of Things for smart city to conduct project research and discussions with UM professors. Ye Yihan, one of the exchange students, said, “As there are few opportunities to use English in Mainland China, I was not used to the English study environment when I first arrived at UM. But then I found my English level has improved over time. Also, the electronic technology courses offered by UM are also very close to current marketing situation, and professors in UM are very friendly and patient.”

Regarding the study and life in UM, the residential college has launched various activities, focusing on cultivating students’ teamwork spirit, service commitment, cultural participation, and leadership skills, which also deeply impressed the exchange students. Another exchange student, Tan Xinyi said, “I had rock climbing, high table dinner and concerts with my friends in residential college and they are very new and interesting to me. The largest differences of life at UM is that I can experience many different things, step out of my comfort zone.”

The exchange program has expanded the chance and ways for cooperation between the two universities. Tsinghua University and UM will continue to leverage each other’s advantages so as to provide students with a more comprehensive learning opportunities and jointly contribute to the development of national higher education.



學習生活上,住宿式書院發起形形色色的活動,著重培養學生團隊協作、服務投入、文化參與、領導能力等也令同學們感受甚深。另一位交換生譚心逸表示: 「與書院同學去體驗攀岩、書院晚宴及音樂會,都讓我覺得十分新奇有趣。澳大生活最大不同在於我可以更充分地體驗生活,邁出舒適圈,積極嘗試不同的挑戰。」




大合照Group Photo

Exchange students from Tsinghua University share
their learning outcomes at the summary meeting