The University of Macau (UM) and the Institute of Oceanography, Chinese Academy of Sciences signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement earlier and will officially launch the joint doctoral programme in 2022/2023 academic year. It will implement a dual-tutor system. The study period of the programme is 4 years. Students will study courses at UM in the first year, and will mainly conduct scientific research in the Institute of Oceanography for the next three years. During the study period, students will be jointly guided by the professors from both parties and required to fulfill the requirements in the study plan. Students who meet the requirements for graduation will receive a PhD degree from the University of Macau.

The University of Macau (UM) is an international public comprehensive university in Macao, with a multicultural campus and a system of whole-person education underpinned by faculties and residential colleges in an international education setup. 80 per cent of its faculty members are from outside Macao. With English as the main medium of instruction, the university is committed to producing creative and socially responsible graduates with a global mindset and international competitiveness. UM is ranked in the 201-250 bracket in the Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings. The subjects Engineering and Computer Science are ranked 101 and 151. In addition, UM is among the top 1% in Essential Sciences Indicators (ESI) rankings in ten subjects, namely Engineering, Computer Science, Chemistry, Materials Science, Pharmacology & Toxicology, Clinical Medicine, Psychiatry/Psychology, Biology & Biochemistry, Social Sciences, General, and Agricultural Sciences.

The Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IOCAS), which is located in Qingdao, was founded in 1950. It is the first ocean research institute in China. Since its founding, the institute has established long-term relationships with scientific research institutes from more than 40 countries or regions. There are 53 scientists from IOCAS representing China holding various positions in many major international scientific organizations. IOCAS is the only unit granting marine science A-class doctorates among China’s marine research institutes. It has enrolled graduate students since 1956. Since 1979, IOCAS has enrolled more than 1,600 students, ranking first among national marine research institutions. The institute has 12 units granting doctorates, 10 units granting master’s degrees, and three units granting professional engineering master’s degrees. The website of IOCAS: http://www.qdio.cas.cn/


  • Master’s degree in physical oceanography or related majors
  • Having solid theoretical foundation, strong logical thinking ability, good scientific research literacy and scientific research potential (papers published in journals are preferred)
  • Or Selected excellent fresh UG graduate
  • Or Fresh graduate or graduate recommended by the Institute of Oceanography, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Tuition fees

Proof of English Proficiency (Details)

  • Applicants who received their Bachelor’s/Master’s degree from a university where the medium of instruction was not English are required to provide any of the following as proof of English proficiency:
  • Obtained a TOEFL* score of 550 (paper-based examination) / 80 (Internet-based examination) or above or,
  • An IELTS* overall score of 6.0 or above with no sub-score lower than 5.5 or,
  • College English Test (CET) score is acceptable to some academic units, please visit corresponding website of each academic unit for details.

*Note: TOEFL and IELTS scores are valid for two years from the test date.

List of Professors


Registration (Deadline : 29 July 2022)


澳門大學是一所國際化綜合性公立大學,創立於1981年,具有多元文化共存的獨特優勢。實施國際化現代大學管理模式,八成教研人員來自世界各地,以英語授課為主,致力培養具有創新思維、家國情懷、國際視野、全球競爭力和世界擔當的人才。在泰晤士高等教育公布的世界排名中, 澳大排名201-250。科目排名中,工程學及計算機科 學位列世界101名及151名。工程學、計算機 科學、化學、材料科學等進入基本科學指標 資料庫(ESI)前1%之列。

中國科學院海洋研究所是內地第一個專門從事海洋科學研究的國立機構,是國家規模最大、綜合實力最強的綜合海洋研究機構之一。自1950年成立以來,研究所與40多個國家或地區的科研院所建立了長期合作關係。 來自研究所的53名科學家代表中國在許多主要國際科學組織擔任不同職務。 中國科學院海洋研究所是中國海洋科研院所中唯一授予海洋科學A級博士學位的單位。1979年以來,研究所已招收學生1600餘人,在全國海洋研究機構中名列前茅。現有博士學位12個,碩士學位10個,專業工程碩士學位3個。研究所網站: http://www.qdio.cas.cn/

  • 申請條件
  1. 物理海洋學領域或相關專業的碩士畢業生(應屆生和往屆生均可)
  2. 或擇優選拔的應屆本科畢業生
  3. 或中國科學院海洋研究所推薦的應屆或往屆碩士畢業生
  4. 具有紮實的專業理論基礎,較強的邏輯思維能力,良好的科研素養和巨大的科研潛力,期刊上發表學術論文優先
  • 學費


  • 英語能力要求


  • 托福(TOEFL)書面考試 550 分/網上考試 80分或以上或,
  • 雅思考試(IELTS) 總成績6.0 分或以上,且各單項成績不低於5.5分或,
  • 個別學術單位亦可接受國家大學英語考試(CET)成績,詳情請瀏覽相關學術單位網站查詢。

*備註: 托福及雅思考試之成績於考試日起兩年內有效。(詳情)

  • 計劃導師名單


  • 報名 (截止29.07.2022)

申請人可經由澳門大學的網上報名系統(https://isw.um.edu.mo/naweb_grs/faces/index.jspx) 申請博士生聯合培養計劃。