To enable students, parents, and friends from Macao and around the world to gain a better understanding of the University of Macau (UM), the university held the Open Day 2023 online today (15 January). Offering a number of live streaming events and various activities, the Open Day attracted many people with an interest in applying to or knowing more about UM. They joined the annual event through the internet to learn about the latest admission information, educational features, and research results of the university.

In his speech at the opening ceremony, UM Rector Yonghua Song said that the university in recent years has been optimising its disciplinary layout and academic programmes and has stepped up efforts to promote interdisciplinary research between different fields of arts (including humanities and social sciences) and science (including engineering and medicine). By creating and enhancing interdisciplinary programmes and establishing interdisciplinary research platforms, the university aims to foster innovation in teaching and research. In addition, the university has launched programmes in areas such as data science, cognitive neuroscience, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, biomedical sciences, and public health, with the goal of promoting economic diversification of Macao and supporting the development of emerging industries. Through interdisciplinary integration, the university strives to nurture high-calibre interdisciplinary professionals required by the high-tech industry.

During the Open Day, students, parents, and friends from Macao, other parts of China, and overseas visited UM’s faculties, residential colleges, laboratories, and library virtually. They joined the online opening ceremony; various admission talks, programme consultations, academic/science talks, and exhibitions, including ‘Interactive Area for Information about ‘Blockchain and Financial Technology’, ‘Moot Court’, ‘What is Carbon Neutral? How to Realise it?’, ‘Intelligent Disinfection Robot Exhibition’, as well as online tours of the UM campus, among other activities. With a number of live streaming events, the Open Day showcased UM’s achievements in teaching and research and gave the public a peek into the educational features and campus facilities of the university. During the admission talks, students and parents were able to interact directly with UM representatives to acquire first-hand information on academic programmes and admission, and received instantaneous answers to their questions.

For more information about the online UM Open Day, please visit https://openday.um.edu.mo/en/








澳門大學線上開放日 UM Open Day

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