The University of Macau held an Open Day today (17 January). Many students, parents, and residents attended the event to learn more about the university, including admission information, teaching mode, and campus facilities, while experiencing firsthand the vibrant atmosphere of the campus. Some students and parents said that UM offers a wide variety of disciplines and its faculty team and facilities have reached international standards, so they consider UM their first choice for higher education.  

The Open Day were held from 11:00am to 5:00pm, during which time various buildings on campus, including faculties, colleges, laboratories, the university library, and the Sports Complex, were open to visitors, with onsite staff to provide information about the distinctive characteristics and facilities of their faculties. There were also information booths, lectures, and information seminars to present the curriculum of each department as well as information about the residential colleges to enable students planning to pursue higher education to have a better understanding of their preferred academic programmes and the living environment of UM so they could make early planning for their studies.

Marques from a Portuguese school attended the Open Day with his parents. He considers UM his first choice and plans to apply to UM. Marques’ father is very supportive of his son’s decision, because he thinks UM has developed rapidly, and has reached international standards both in terms of faculty and facilities, which will provide good learning conditions for his son’s development.

Ms Cheng, whose daughter is in her third year of high school in Hong Kong, thinks that UM is a very good university because of its beautiful environment, strong faculty team, and good learning atmosphere. Leung and Lee, two students who are about to graduate from high school, attended the information seminar and found the detailed information and clear explanations very helpful in planning their university studies and course selection. They also highly praised the beautiful campus. 

This year’s Open Day coincides with the 40th anniversary of the university, so the university held an opening ceremony for anniversary celebration. The anniversary slogan is ‘Set sail anew on the ruby jubilee’. The research team from the Faculty of Science and Technology (FST) gave two presentations titled ‘Set Sail for New Horizons—Artificial Intelligence Ushers in a New Era of Digital Economy in Macao’. In the first presentation, an FST professor shared the important role of AI in promoting smart tourism, smart finance, smart government, smart city development, and unmanned systems in Macao. In a separate presentation, an FST student shared the technologies behind unmanned intelligent vessels and their applications.  

In addition to the above activities, there were also science lectures, creative workshops, fun experiments, booth games, performances, sports experiences, parent-child games, and other exciting activities, such as plant treasure hunts, mock courts, hand sanitiser DIY, paper airplane workshops, coffee tasting and brewing, sandpainting, autonomous bus exhibition, zebrafish show, archery, and ‘A Day at UM’ guided campus tours. These activities allowed everyone to experience the vibrant campus life, gain a better understanding of teaching and research at UM, and experience the rapid development of the university.

Source: Communications Office