20 students from the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Faculty of Science and Technology (FST), University of Macau (UM), recently join the the SYSU-UM Science Platform “Zhong Shan Da Xue” Research Vessel Study Activity held in Zhuhai.

The study activity is organized by marine scientific expeditions center of Sun Yat-sen University and it is structured into lectures, lab visit and research vessel onboard study. The students firstly attend the lecture by the professors in the area of Atmospheric Sciences, Earth Sciences and Marine Sciences to learn about frontier knowledge and their application in Greater Bay Area. They also visit the Research Vessel “Zhong Shan Da Xue” to have onboard experience about the research vessel and advanced instruments and scientific experiments on atmosphere, ocean and biology. The research vessel is one of the national major comprehensive scientific marine infrastructures to undertake multi-disciplinary surface and deep ocean research. Its advanced research equipment enables scientists to process, test and analyze samples and data onboard. It also facilitates the full-depth profiling of water parameters and geological sampling at the seabed. The data will provide scientific and technological support for protection and exploitation of the South China Sea.

The students are very impressed with this ocean related popular science activity and have newest and deeper understanding of state-of-the-art scientific development in Greater Bay Area and its significance to the country.



是次研學活動由中山大學海洋科學考察中心主辦,活動包括學術報告、實驗室參觀以及科考船考察。來自中山大學不同學院的教授們首先向同學們介紹有關大氣科學、地球科學以及海洋科學等學科的前沿知識以及在其在大灣區的應用。同學們隨後更親自登上”中山大學號”科考船, 近距離認識這大科學平台以及各類高端儀器進行有關大氣、海洋和生物三大領域科研實驗。中山大學號科考船是全國主要的綜合性海上移動科研平台,可以進行跨學科深淺海洋研究, 船上各類先進儀器讓科學家可以進行樣本採集分析及數據處理, 有利於建立全深度剖面水質參數圖以及海床採樣 , 這些科研數據為認識保護和開發南海提供科技支撑。