The University of Macau (UM) has concentrated resources on the development of advantageous research fields in recent years. With advanced scientific research equipment and the collaborative efforts of academic staff and students around the world, the university’s scientific research results have been widely recognized by authoritative academic journals, and have won numerous national and international awards. In the 2022 World University Rankings announced by Times Higher Education (THE), UM reached a historical high and its ranking has risen to 201-250. The ranking by subject: Engineering has risen to 101-125 from 126-150. Computer Science has risen from 176-200 to 151-175.
With the support of the Central Government and the Macau Special Administrative Region Government, the number of students has risen from hundreds of students at the time of its founding to more than 10,000 at present. This year marks the 40th anniversary of the founding of UM. The university has made many achievements in the fields of talent development, research and social services. In the future, UM will focus on strengthening the transformation of scientific research results, carry out more cross-disciplinary and cross-field research and teaching, and accelerate the training of local talents needed for the development of Macao and the Greater Bay Area. 
澳門大學近年集中資源發展優勢研究領域,憑藉先進的科研設備及全球師生的協作努力,大學的科研成果已廣泛見於權威學術期刊,並屢獲國家級及國際性獎項。在泰晤士高等教育 (Times Higher Education, THE) 公告的2022年世界大學排名中,澳大已上升至201-250位達到歷史新高,其中工程學的排名已由去年126-150位升至101-125位, 計算機科學則由176-200位升至151-175位

UM’s world ranking hits a new high