B.Sc. Courses (Applied Physics and Chemistry)

Department of Physics and Chemistry provides undergraduate programme “Applied Physics and Chemistry(APC)” from academic year of 2019/2020. Our undergraduate programme adopts an unique “project-based” study mode, which requires our students not only take the lecture-based courses, but also conduct a series of research projects in our state-of-the-art laboratory throughout four years of their undergraduate studies.

The details of undergraduate courses are listed as following:

APAC1000. Advanced Mathematics I
APAC1001. College Physics
APAC1002. Electromagnetism and Physical Optics
APAC1003. Introduction to College Chemistry
APAC2000. Advanced Mathematics II
APAC2001. Analytical and Environmental Chemistry
APAC2002. Modern Physics
APAC2003. Inorganic Chemistry
APAC2004. Quantum Physics
APAC3000. Materials Physics and Chemistry
APAC3001. Solid State Physics
APAC3002. Thermodynamic and Statistical Physics
APAC3003. Materials Characterization
APAC3004. Optoelectronics
APAC3005. Physical Chemistry
APAC3006. Semiconductor Physics
APAC3007. Low-Dimensional Physics
APAC3008. Nanochemistry
APAC3009. Organic and Polymer Chemistry
APAC3010. Thin Film Physics
APAC4000. Research Project
APAC4001. Electrochemistry
APAC4002. Electrodynamics
APAC4003. Magnetic Properties of Materials
APAC4004. Mathematical Methods in Physics
APAC4005. Micro-/Nano-Systems
APAC4006. Physics of Semiconductor Processing
APAC4007. Semiconductor Materials and Devices
APAC4008. Supramolecular Chemistry
APAC4009. Theory and Modeling of Materials Properties
APAC4010. Topics in Emerging Materials
CISC1000. Information Technology Fundamentals and Practices
CISC1001. Programming Science
CISC1006. Probability and Statistics
STGC1001. General Chemistry