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Professor of Mathematics

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Academic Qualification

  • Ph. D. in Physics, University of Massachusetts, USA (1987)

Senior Non-Resident Fellow of Chao Kuang Piu College


Liber Amicorum

Chang Jiang Scholarship Award Ceremony in Beijing

Random Matrix EurAsia 2022
(14-April—12 May 2022)

Organizing Committee:
Yang Chen (University of Macau)
Van Vu (Yale University)
Dong Wang (National University of Singapore)

There will be about 30 speakers. List not yet finalized. See the link below.


PIZA meeting, in May 2018

Random Matrices, EurAsia

Random Matrices, EurAsia,
July 28-31, 2017, School of Mathematical Sciences,
Fudan University, Shanghai, PR China

Through the very generous support of the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of Macau, Random Matrices EurAsia 2016 was launched at the University. Mathematicians, statisticians, mathematical physicist, from all over were invited and spoke at this meeting.

Prof Fan and I thought that it would be good idea to continue Random Matrices EurAsia 2017 at the School of Mathematical Science, Fudan University. The goal of Random Matrices, EurAsia is to put together experts in all fields of mathematicians, statisticians world-wide, and to promote academic communication and cooperation between Chinese mathematicians and overseas outstanding scholars.

The School of Mathematical Science (SMS) of Fudan University, one of the most distinguished and active institutions of mathematics in China. The SMS consists of five Departments, i.e., Departments of Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Information & Computing Sciences, Mathematical Finance & Control Theory, and Probability, Statistics and Actuarial Sciences, the Institute of Mathematics and Shanghai Center for Mathematical Sciences. Now, the SMS has approximately 100 permanent faculty members, among which 4 academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 48 are professors and 40 are associate professors with broad research interests in the major fields of contemporary pure and applied mathematics.

Yang Chen,
University of Macau, Taipa, PR China.
Engui Fan
Fudan University, Shanghai, PR China

Workshop on Random Matrices, EurAsia-2017


B.Sc. Courses

  1. Complex Analysis (MATB311)

M.Sc. Courses

  1. Topics in Matrix Analysis (IMAT018)
  2. Partial Differential Equations (MATH710)


Research Interests

  • Random Matrix Theory
  • Orthogonal Polynomials and Special Functions
  • Painleve Transcendents and Integrable Systems
  • Random Matrices Applied to Wireless Communications and Moduli Spaces in QCD
  • Asymptotic Theory of Large Random Matrices

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Founding Editor: Random Matrices: Theory and Applications


Lecturer, Reader and Professor of Mathematical Physics, Imperial College London, 1992— 2012
Professor of Mathematics, University of Macau, 2012 —

Grant History

Follow this link. http://gow.epsrc.ac.uk/ViewPerson.aspx?PersonId=21512.

Start Up Grant SRG020FST1213RCY, MOP 150,000.00, University of Macau, 2012.
Macau Science and Technology Foundation, MOP 1,259,750.00, 2012–2016, FDCT 077/2012/A3.
MYRG2014-00004-FST University of Macau, MOP 718,750, 2014-2017.
MYRG2014-00011-FST University of Macau, MOP 500,000, 2014-2017.
Macau Science and Technology Foundation, MOP 1,261,1500, 2015-2018, FDCT 130/2014/A3.
Macau Science and Technology Foundation, MOP , 734,400.00, FDCT 023/2017/A1, 2017–2020.

Student Supervision

Ph.D. supervision in Macau

  1. Zhang Yashan (Graduated, August 2017). Now Post-Doc, Beijing Univeristy.
  2. Ao Jian Yu (Graduated, August 2018). Now Post-Doc,  Shanghai Mathematics Research Institute.
  3. Min Chao (Graduated, May 2016). Now Assistant Professor, Hua Qiao Univeristy.
  4. Lyu Shulin (Graduated, July 2017). Now Research Fellow,  ZhongShan University (Zhu Hai Campus).
  5. Chen Min (Graduated, May 2016). Now Post-Doc,  Holon Institute, Israel.
  6. Zhu Mengkun (Graduated, 2018). Now Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Qi Lu University of Technogy (Shandong Science and Technology Institute)
  7. Chen Hong Mei, (Graduated, November 2018). Now Lecturer, Beijing Institute of Graphic Communications. Co-Supervisor, Galina Filipuk, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics, Univeristy of Warsaw.
  8. Han Pengju (Graduated, September 2018). Now assistant Professor of Mathematics, Wuhan agriculture university.
  9. Zhan Longjun (Graduted, March 2019. Now Post-doc,  Fudan University).

Ongoing Ph.D. students at the University of Macau

  1. Hu Jie, (Current PhD Student, August 2018). Co-Supervisor, Galina Filipuk.
  2. Wang Dan (Current PhD student, August 2018).Co-Supervisor, Galina Filipuk.

Master supervision at the University of Macau

  1. Cao Man (2012–2014)
  2. Geng Si Hang (2012–2015)
  3. Huang Jun Lang (2017–2019)
  4. Deng Man Yao (2017–2019

Ph.D. Supervision at Imperial College

DKK Lee (1988), Cavendish Laboratory,
Dr Lee is currently Senior Lecturer in the Physics Department of Imperial College
SM Manning (1994), Imperial College.
S Bradley (2000), Imperial College, joint with Dr. Hewson
N Lawrence (2002), Imperial College
J Griffin (2004), Imperial College. Currently, Associate Professor and Associate Dean at the American University, Sharja
Nazmus Haq (2013), Imperial College

Master supervision at Imperial College

Kasper Eriksen (1995)
Cyrus Turani (2009)
Tao Gao (2010), Keti Suri (2010), Paul Dambricourt (2010).
Samuel Goldstein (2012), Yao Han (2012), Ji Chenhui (2012), Yang Tao (2012)

MSci Project supervision at Imperial College

Alexei Turturea (2001), Kais Dukes (2001)
Judith Escoda (2003)
Francesca Harris (2004)
Sarah Lobb (2005)
Neil Threadgold (2005).
Nazmus Haq (2007)
Saba Shafi (2008), Rezzi (2008).
Ari Knutti (2010).

Curriculum Vitae and Selected Publications

Please download my CV and List of Publications.

List of Publications (2012–2019)

  1. Chon-Fai Kam and Yang Chen, Non-Adiabatic Transitions in Parabolic and Super-Parabolic PT symmetric Non-Hermitian Systems in 1D Optical Waveguides. Annalen der Physik 18 January 2021, https://doi.org/10.1002/andp.202000349
  2. Dan Wang, Mengkun Zhu, Yang Chen,  “Orthogonal polynomials, bi-Confluent Heun equations and semi-classical weights,” JOURNAL OF DIFFERENCE EQUATIONS AND APPLICATIONS https://doi.org/10.1080/10236198.2020.1812595
  3. Yang Chen, Yunhu Wang, Manwai Yuen, Harmonic solutions and Weak solutions of two dimensional incompressible Euler equation with Coriolis force, 2020, preprint.
  4. Chao Min and Yang Chen, “Asymptotics of the Recurrence Coefficients of a Pollaczek-Jacobi type orthogonal polynomials and the associated Hankel Determinant,”  2020 preprint.
  5. Shulin Lyu, Yang Chen, “Gaussian Unitary Ensembles two jumps, PDES and the coupled Painleve II and Painleve IV systems“,  Stud Appl Math, 2020;1–21, accepted 24 September, 2020.
  6. Chao Min and Yang Chen, “Painleve VI, Painleve III,  and the Hankel Determinants associated with a degenerate Jacobi unitary ensembles,” 2020, pg. 1-16, Impact Factor 1.770, Q1.
  7. Mengkun Zhu, Yang Chen and Chuangzhong Li, “The smallest eigenvalues of large Hankel Matrices generated by the singularly perturbed Laguerre weight,” J. Math. Phys. 61, 073502 (2020).
  8. Dan Wang, Mengkun Zhu, Yang Chen,  Orthogonal polynomials with a semi-classical weight and their recurrence coefficient.
  9. ROI-Based Deep Learning Method for Variable Length License Plate Character Segmentation,” Dan Wang, Bingshu Wang, Yang Chen, conference paper. 2020.
  10. A degenerate Gaussian weight connected with Painleve equations and Heun equation” DOI: 10.1142/S201032632150049, Penju Han, Yang Chen, Accepted 24 September 2020.
  11. Shulin Lyu and Yang Chen,  Smallest Eigenvalue Distribution of the Jacobi Unitary Ensembles, Preprint.
  12. Dan Wang, Mengkun Zhu, Yang Chen, “On semi-classical orthogonal polynomials associated with a Freud-type Weight,” Math. Meth. Appl. Sci., 2020, page 1–19.  Imapct Factor: 1.533, Q2.
  13. Jie Hu, Anton Dzhamay, Yang Chen, Gap Probability Distribution of the Laguerre Unitary Ensembles ​and Discrete Painleve Equation, in Press, Impact Factor 2.11, Q1. 
  14. Shulin Lyu, Chao Min, Yang Chen , Asymptotic of the largest eigenvalue distribution of the Laguerre Unitary Ensemble, pre-print.
  15. Yang Chen, Galina Filipuk, Maria Neves de Rebocho, Non-linear difference equations for a modified Laguerre weight: Laguerre-Freud equations and asymptotic, Jaen Journal of Approximation, 11(1-2) (2019) 47–65.
  16. Chao Min and Yang Chen, Linear Statistics of random matrix ensembles at the spectrum edge associated with the Airy Kernal, Nuclear Phys. B (2019), , https://doi.org.10.1016/j.nuclphysb.2019.114836 Impact Factor: 3.185,  Q1.
  17. Gordon Blower and Yang Chen, On the determinant expansions of Hankel operators, Published in Concrete Operators, 2020, Concr. Oper. 7 (2020) 13-44.
  18. Jie Hu, Galinak Filipuk, Yang Chen, “Differential and Difference equation for orthogonal polynomials with hypergeometric weights and Backlund Transformation of the Sixth Painleve equations,” Random Matrices: Theory and Applications 21500129 (17 pages), September 7, 2020, WSPC/S2010-3263
  19. Chon-Fai Kam, Yang Chen, Analytical results for the dynamics of parabolic level-crossing model, Published in New Journal of Physics, 2020, Impact Factor: 4.177, Q1.
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Refereed papers from Conference Proceedings and Workshops

  1. Basor, E. L., Chen, Y. and Widom, H., “Hankel Determinants as Fredholm Determinants”, in “Random Matrix Models and Their Applications”, MSRI Publications 40 (2001) 21–29, Bleher, P. and Its, A. R. eds. (Cambridge University Press).
  2. Muttalib, K. A., Chen, Y. and Ismail, M., “q-Random Matrix Ensembles”, in “Symbolic Computation, Number Theory, Special Functions, Physics and Combinatorics”, Gainesville, Florida, 1999. Development in Mathematics 4 (2001) 199–221.

Conference Paper

  1. Shang Li, Yang Chen and Mathew R. Mckay , “Mutual Information Distribution of Interference-limited MIMO: A Joint Coulomb Fluid and Painleve Based Approach”, 2011 Conference Record of the Forty Fifth Asilomar Conference on Signals, Systems and Computers.

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