Location E11-1049
Academic Staff in charge Prof. Vai Kuong SIN
Technician Pedro Antonio MOU; Wenyue DENG(TA)
Telephone (853) 8822-2682, 2683
Open Access Reservation Period Friday: 9:00 – 13:00, 14:30 – 18:30


Computational Engineering Laboratory provides the undergraduates and graduated students to perform the computational analysis and scientific computing in different areas. Professional softwares, like ANSYS, COMSOL Multiphysics, FLOVENT, MATLAB and STAR-CD, are provided for simulation in Thermal and Fluid Science. Pro/ENGINEER, UNIGRAPHICS, and CATIA are also available in the laboratory for students to build up their knowledge and techniques in the Computer-Aided-Design (CAD) and Computer-Aided-Manufacturing (CAM).


Computer Facilities 3 sets Dell T3400 Workstation (Intel Core2 Duo E8400 @3.0GHz CPU)
10 sets Dell T3500 Workstation (Intel Xeon W3503 @2.4GHz CPU)
3 sets Dell T5500 Workstation (Intel Xeon E5640 @2.66GHz CPU)
5 sets Dell T7500 Workstation (Intel Xeon E5675 @3.06GHz CPU)
2 sets Lenovo D20 Workstation (Intel Xeon X5690 @3.47GHz CPU)
Platform Windows XP / Windows 7
Printer HP Color LaserJet CP3525dn
Scanner EPSON Perfection 2450 Photo

ANSYS – CAE software

ANSYS is an engineering simulation software for the simulation of structural mechanics, multiphysics, fluid dynamics and electromagnetics. In the related courses, students may use the software to solve the complicated problems in the specific space.

Truss deformation simulation

FLOVENT – CFD software

FLOVENT Software is designed to calculate airflow, heat transfer and contamination distribution for built environments. In the related courses, students may use the software to solve the complicated problems in the specific space.

Temperature Distribution and Flow Field Simulation

STAR-CD – CFD software

STAR-CD is a mature high-performance computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software for the simulation of combustion, multiphase sprays and liquid films, heat and mass transfer, transient and turbulence effects, and moving boundaries. The students can develop an environment to model and analyze engineering problems in the specific space.

Uncoloured velocity vector and temperature surface plot in a reversed stagnation-point flow

COMSOL Multiphysics – Modeling and simulation software

COMSOL Multiphysics is a powerful interactive environment for modeling and solving all kinds of scientific and engineering problems based on partial differential equations (PDEs). With this software students can easily extend conventional models for one type of physics into multiphysics models that solve coupled physics phenomena—and do so simultaneously.

Uncoloured velocity vector and temperature slice plot in a circular microchannel flow with placement of electrodes

CATIA – CAD software

CATIA provides the solution for digital product definition and simulation. Students may use the software to learn from concept to detailed design and onto drawing production. The process includes mechanical design, shape design, product synthesis, Analysis, and machining, etc.

Mechanical Design and Analysis by using CATIA

Besides CATIA, other famous CAD software – Pro/ENGINEER and UNIGRAPHICS, are also installed for the related courses in the laboratory computers.


  1. 2-D & 3-D Computer-Aided Design
  2. Simulation and computational analysis in Thermal and Fluid Science

Courses supported

EMEB367 Introduction to Computational Fluid Dyanmics
MECH307 Fluid Mechanics
MECH315 Thermodynamics
MECH316 Heat Transfer
MECH403 Computer-Aided Design
MECH412 Computer-Aided Manufacturing
MECH486 Finite Elements Techniques in Engineering
IMEM010 Computational Method for Thermo-Fluid System