Academic Staff in charge Prof. Man Hoi LOK
Technician Sin Chi KUOK; Ka Man TOU; Ka In HOI
Telephone (853) 8822-8019, 4279, 4287



  1. To provide the conditions of programming work.
  2. To have the chances to make use of the leading commercial finite element codes.
  3. To have the idea of professional structural analysis software for design in civil engineering.


  • 20 Dell workstations
  • SAP2000, Structural analysis code
  • MSc Patran, Finite element preprocessor
  • ABAQUS, General finite element code
  • MS Visual Studio


  • Applications of finite element code
  • Coding for computation mechanics
  • Applications of Structural analysis code

Courses supported

CEEB224 Structural Analysis
CEEB451 Advanced structural analysis
CEEB410 Civil Engineering Project I
CEEB420 Civil Engineering Project II
CIEE703 Finite Element Method
CIEE711 Plates and Shells
CIEE726 Fracture Mechanics and Fatigue
CIEE797 / CIEE798 Thesis Work