Location E11-3095
Academic Staff in charge Prof. Hojae SHIM
Technician Wenbiao XIE; Ka Hou WONG
Telephone (853) 8822-2719, 4122
Open Access Reservation Period Monday: 10:00 – 18:00


Environmental Biotechnology Laboratory is under the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering in the Faculty of Science and Technology, University of Macau. The laboratory serves students for teaching the course CIVL3003 (year 3 students) for the lab practice session and for researches for year 4 students’ Final Year Projects and master’s and Ph.D. students in the area of environmental science and engineering, especially in the areas of bioremediation of contaminated environment (soil and groundwater), treatment and reuse of wastewater, and production of renewable energy from waste and wastewater.

Facilities for Teaching and Research

The laboratory is equipped with Thermo ISQTM QD Single Quadrupole GC-MS system, gas chromatograph with flame ionization and thermal conductivity detectors (GC-FID and GC-TCD, Agilent 6890N),  accelerated solvent extractor (ASE 200, Dionex), liquid chromatograph with diode array detector coupled with on-line solid-phase extraction and mass detector (LC-DAD/SPE/MS, Thermo Scientific Ultimate 3000), ion chromatograph with absorbance and electrochemical detectors (IC, Dionex), UV/Vis (ultraviolet/visible) spectrophotometer (UV mini-1240, Shimadzu), Atomic Absortion Spectrometry (AAS) iCE 3000 series spectrometer, multi-stack shaking incubator with built-in fluorescent lamp and spring racks (LabTech LSI-5004ML), orbital incubated shaker (Thermo MaxQ4450 & MaxQ4000, and LAB-LINE ROTARY kind), microscope (GLOBE XSZ-107, NIKON TYP 102), reactors (A2O, SBR), mixer (BOECO, vortex V1 plus), hotplate stirrer (LabTech),  BOD Track II incubator (Hach), thermostat cabinet (Lovibond), biological safety cabinets and clean benches (1300 series A2, Thermo Scientific), laminar flow hood (Hamilton Scientific), autoclave (LDZX, 50KBS, Shanghai Shen and medical instrument factory) , analytical balance (Mettler Toledo EL204-10), pH meter (S220 sevencompact, Mettler Toledo),  spectrophotometer (DR 2800, Hach), COD reactor (DRB 200, Hach), centrifuge (5430R, Eppendorf), oven (BG7 series II, Shanghai Boxun Industry), etc.

Experiments for Teaching and Research

  • Water quality measurement: COD, BOD, TN, ammonia-N, TP, color, etc
  • Cultivation of microorganisms: medium preparation, measurement of OD and CFUs, streak and spread plating, etc
  • Bench-scale batch and reactor experiments, using synthetic and real environmental samples (soil and wastewater)
  • Analyses of contaminants in environmental samples using GC-FID, LC-DAD/SPE and AAS, etc.