Location E11-2014
Academic Staff in charge Prof. Chi Man PUN
Technician Sai Ieong CHAN, Sai; Weng Hong LAM, Donald
Telephone (853) 8822-2544
Open Access Reservation Period Thursday: 9:00 – 17:00


The Image Processing and Pattern Recognition Laboratory is established for the purpose of providing learning and working area for development and research in Digital Image Processing, Multimedia Security and Digital Watermarking, Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision, Intelligent Systems and Applications.



  • Apple Mac Pro
  • 2 x Dell Precision T1700
  • 3 x Dell Precision 990
  • 2 x Dell XPS 9100
  • 2 x Dell Optiplex 755
  • 3 x Dell Vostro 470
  • HP Compaq Elite 8300


  • Laser Printer

Courses supported

B.Sc. Courses

CISC3011 Digital Image Processing
CISC3024 Pattern Recognition
CISC4000 Graduation Project


M.Sc. Courses

CISC7018 Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition
CISC7996 Applied Thesis
CISC7999 Academic Thesis


Ph.D. Courses

CISC8001 Advanced Topics in Computer Science
CISC8999 Doctoral Thesis