The laboratory …


The laboratory ….

1. Fundamental Theories

Bernoulli’s Theorem Demonstration Apparatus – Demonstration of Bernoulli’s Theorem and its limitations. Direct measurement of the static and total head distribution along a Venturi tube. Determination of the meter coefficient at various flow rates.

Courses supported

CIVL2003 Fluid Mechanics

Polar Orbit Satellite Ground Receiving Station

It will have the full hemisphere tracking capability of polar orbit satellites in X-band, and can autonomously receive remote sensing data from satellites such as FengYun-3 and Landsat 8.


Multi-scale regional ocean modeling of the northern South China Sea and Greater Bay Area

Simulation of circulation and sea level in the northern South China Sea Three-dimensional structural simulation of relative vorticity in the northern South China Sea


By combining observational validation and fluid dynamical theories, using multi-modal decomposition of tidal-subtidal numerical boundary conditions, multi-scale regional ocean modeling is carried out in the northern South China Sea and Greater Bay Area regions, effectively obtaining high-resolution reconstruction of regional circulation, sea level and hydrological properties.

The system can identify the spatial response of nearshore circulation in the northern South China Sea to topographic variation, with vortex cores and energy hotspots as the exchange channels for water exchange. It also explores the response rules and mechanisms of extreme events to nearshore shelf hydrodynamic processes. And reveals the regulatory mechanism of inter-annual climate variations represented by ENSO on the circulation and hydrological characteristics of estuaries, nearshore and shelf areas near the Greater Bay Area.