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Physics Lab (1) demonstrates the fundamental principles of Physics; (2) provides a modest experience that allows students to develop and improve his/her experimental technique and to develop some ability to analyze data.



18 sets of college Physics experiments made by PHYWE in Germany.


1. Air track rail

2. Air blower

3. Bearing rotary plate with angle

Mechanical vibrations acoustics:

4. Kundt’s apparatus

5. Vibration generator, brass

6. Oscilloscope

7. LF amplifier


8. Light velocity measuring apparatus

9. Newton rings apparatus

10. Laser, He-Ne 1.0mW 220V

11. Michelson Interferometer


12. Gas laws apparatus

13. Kinetic gas theory apparatus

14. Stroboscope

Electrostatics and Magnetostatics:

15. Capacitor plate with hole, D55mm

16. Electric field meter

17. Slide wire measurement bridge


18. Field coil, 750mm 485 turns/M

19. Induction coils

20. Function generator


diffraction of slits
electric field and potential in plate capacitor
Equation of States of an ideal gas
Inertia of Mass point
internal resistance and matching in voltage source laws of lenses
magnetic induction mathematics pendulum
maxwellian velocity distribution michelson interferometer
Monent of Inertia Newtons law
speed of light Thermal expansion
vibration of strings wheatstone bridge


  1. Introduction to Measurements
  2. Newton’s Laws
  3. Moment of Inertia and Angular Acceleration
  4. Mathematical Pendulum
  5. Vibration of Strings
  6. Determination of the Velocity of Sound using Knudt?s Tube
  7. Equation of State of Ideal Gases
  8. Thermal Expansion
  9. Maxwellian Velocity Distribution
  10. Electrical Field and Potentials in the Plate Capacitor
  11. Magnetic Induction
  12. Internal Resistance and Matching of Voltage Source
  13. Wheatstone Bridge
  14. Law of Lenses and Optical Instruments
  15. Newton’s Rings
  16. Diffraction of Single Slit
  17. Measuring the Speed of Light
  18. Michelson Interferometer

Courses supported

PHYS120 Physics I
PHYS210 Physics II