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Technician Hou Kuan TAM
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The objective of the solar energy laboratory is to enhance the development of solar energy research, application, and education.


A Solar Tracking Concentrated Photovoltaic-Thermal System

This solar tracking concentrated photovoltaic-thermal (CPV-T) system shown in Fig. 1 is cooled by water flowing in front of the bottom CPV module. The PV module used is HTSS-5 mini solar panel of size 209X245X17mm, which comprises 24 mini solar cells made of multi-crystalline silicon wafers. The diameter of the concentrator disk is 1.2m. The cooling water is pumped by a pump from the heat storage tank installed under the concentrator. The temperature of the CPV is monitored at an interval of 10s. When the panel temperature is high, the water pump will be turned on for the purpose of protecting the CPV system from being destroyed. The water cooling system integrated with the concentrated tracking PV system is able to obtain higher efficiency than the normal PV system. As shown in Fig. 2, the data were recorded by two wireless data collection systems simultaneously.


Fig.1 a CPV-T system


Fig.2 a data collection system


  1. Experimental Investigations on a Solar Tracking Concentrated Photovoltaic Thermal System
  2. Experimental Investigations on Drag and Heat Transfer Correlations for Natural Convection of Water Saturated Metal Foams
  3. Experimental Study on Dynamical Decomposition of Direct and Diffuse Solar Irradiance on Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Systems

Courses supported

IMEM011 Energy Conversion and Utilization
MECH471 Numerical Method
EMEB367 Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics
EMEB363 Internal Combustion Engines
MECH304 Macroeconomics
MECH314 Microeconomics