Location E11-2046
Academic Staff in charge Mr. Iat Meng WAN
Technician Sein Ye HTUT, Edward
Telephone (853) 8822-2530
Open Access Reservation Period Monday, Wednesday and Friday: 9:30 – 12:30



The laboratory can provide essential surveying equipments for the bachelor degree students to familiar with the practical surveying technique in the construction field.




1.Electronic Total Station, GTS-6B, CTS-1(Topcon), SET5W (Sokkia)
Angle measurement, distance measurement, tracking and course measurement, coordinates measurement, data collection etc.

2.Electronic Distance Meters, DM-A3 (Topcon)
Distance measurement by mounting on the top of ETL1 electronic digital theodolite.

3.Electronic Digital Theodolite, DT-05, DT-10, ETL-1 (Topcon)
Setting horizontal angle, angle measurement, stadia measurement, etc.

4.Autolevel, AT-G6, AT-G6, AT-G6, AT-G7 (Topcon)
Automatic leveling operations by obtaining a precise horizontal line of sight.

5.Rotating Level, RL-20 (Topcon)
Beam senses the level position and indicates it by sound and symbol without any complex operation.

6.Mirror Stereoscope, MS-3 (Topcon)
Aerial map reading.

7.Other accessories
Aluminum staffs, prism poles, rod levels, tripods, reflectors, target plates, compass etc.


  • Distance Measurement by taping
  • Distance Measurement by using Electronic Distance Measurement (EDM)
  • Trigonometric Leveling with EDM (or electronic total station)
  • Differential Leveling
  • Three-Wire Leveling
  • Reciprocal Leveling
  • Laser Leveling
  • Profile Leveling
  • Horizontal Angle measurement of a Polygonal loop
  • Vertical Angle Measurement
  • Laying out Angles
  • Straight Line Extension through Obstacle
  • Foundation Layout
  • Topographic Mapping

Courses supported

CIVL2002 Surveying