Liu Yichen, an undergraduate student from the Department of Physics and Chemistry (DPC), Faculty of Science and Technology (FST), University of Macau (UM), and a research team led by his supervisor, Liu Hongchao, assistant professor in the FST, recently published a paper titled ‘Anti-loss-compression Image Encryption Based on Computational Ghost Imaging Using Discrete Cosine Transform and Orthogonal Patterns’ in Optics Express, a top journal in the research field of optics.

In his paper, Liu proposed a method to compress the bucket signals and illumination patterns of computational ghost imaging. This anti-loss-compression method can greatly reduce the amount of cipher text and keys and meanwhile enhance the security of the optical encryption scheme based on computational ghost imaging. This is the first time that an undergraduate student from the DPC has published a paper in an SCI-indexed journal as the first author.

As a key feature of the undergraduate programmes offered by the DPC, project-based learning plays an important role in the learning of students outside the classroom. Students have the opportunity to join research groups led by UM professors to explore scientific research during their first year of studies. This research based learning mode not only enables students to develop their scientific thinking skills, analytical skills, and problem-solving skills, but also allows them to deepen their understanding of theoretical knowledge and cultivate their sense and ability in scientific research. Liu joined Prof Liu’s research group in his first year of studies with a research focus on ghost imaging and single-pixel imaging.

In addition, Liu published another paper titled ‘Single-Pixel Imaging and Metasurface Imaging’ in the journal Infrared and Laser Engineering as a co-author in 2021. The paper discusses the latest developments of single-pixel imaging and ghost imaging in China and abroad.

The full version of the paper ‘Anti-loss-compression Image Encryption Based on Computational Ghost Imaging Using Discrete Cosine Transform and Orthogonal Patterns’ can be viewed at https://opg.optica.org/oe/fulltext.cfm?uri=oe-30-9-14073&id=471300.

The full version of the paper ‘Single-Pixel Imaging and Metasurface Imaging’ can be viewed at http://www.irla.cn/cn/article/doi/10.3788/IRLA20211058.



是次發表於《光學快訊》的論文《基於使用離散余弦變換和正交掩模的鬼成像的圖像加密》(Anti-loss-compression image encryption based on computational ghost imaging using discrete cosine transform and orthogonal patterns)中,劉亦辰提出了一種用於壓縮計算鬼成像的探測信號和照明圖案的方案。這種可抗信號損失的壓縮方案極大減少了基於計算鬼成像的光學加密中的密鑰和密文數據量,同時提高了加密安全度。這是澳大物理及化學系首次有本科學生以第一作者身份在SCI類刊物發表學術論文。


《基於使用離散余弦變換和正交掩模的鬼成像的圖像加密》全文可瀏覽: https://opg.optica.org/oe/fulltext.cfm?uri=oe-30-9-14073&id=471300


Liu Yichen (left) and Liu Hongchao

Paper has been published on Optics Express