SKL-IOTSC Talk Series: The Power of Bounds How to Improve the Large Scale Query Process
智慧城市物聯網系列: 如何增強大數據處理查詢能力

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科技學院教授獲邀在智慧城市物聯網系列講座上分享相關領域的專業知識, 余亮豪副教授將分享如何增強大數據處理查詢能力的議題, 詳情如下:
Prof. Leong Hou U from FST is invited as speaker of SKL-IOTSC Talk series, he will share the topic about ‘The power of bounds: How to improve the large scale query process: the power of bounds’, details are as below:

日期Date: 2021.07.30 (Friday)
時間Time: 16:00 – 17:00
地點Venue: N21 5樓展覽廳 N21-5/F EXHIBITION HALL
語言Language: 英語English

人物簡介 Introduction:
余亮豪教授2 0 1 0年 於 香港 大 學 取 得 計算機科學 博 士 學 位。目前擔任協同創新研究中心數據科學中心代主任,他 的 研 究 領 域 是 有 關 大規模數據處理、空間和時空數據、圖數據處理、圖神經網絡、數據可視化技術等信息檢索及優化問題。
Prof. Leong Hou U graduated from the University of Hong Kong in 2010 with a PhD degree in Computer Science. He is the interim Head of Centre for Data Science of the Institute of Collaborative Innovation. His research interests are Large-Scale Data Processing (Spatial and Spatio-Temporal Data, Graph Data Processing, Graph Neural Networks, Data Visualization Techniques), Crowdsourcing, Reinforcement Learning, Information Retrieval, Optimization Problems.

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