Teissier problem for nef classes

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Prof. Yashan Zhang
Associate Professor
Hunan University


Teissier problem aims to characterize the equality case of Khovanskii-Teissier type inequality for (1,1)-classes on a compact Kaehler manifold. When each of the involved (1,1)-classes is assumed to be nef and big, this problem has been solved by the previous works of Boucksom-Favre-Jonsson, Fu-Xiao and Li. In this talk, we shall introduce our recent work which settles the case that the involved (1,1)-classes are just assumed to be nef. By constructing examples, it is shown that our results are optimal.


Prof. Yashan Zhang obtained his Ph.D. degree in University of Macau in 2017, works as an associate professor at Hunan University, Changsha. His main research interests include Complex Geometry, Geometric Analysis, etc.

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