Introduction and Roadshow of the “Huawei 6th Global ICT Competition-Macau Station”

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華為第六屆全球ICT大賽-澳門站 ! 馬上報名參加 !

華為澳門及澳門科學技術協進會、澳門生產力暨科技轉移中心將聯合主辦「華為第六屆全球ICT大賽-澳門站」, 比賽將於10月至12月舉行,分為國家賽、區域賽、全球賽三個階段。澳門賽段獎勵即包括現金重獎和華爲總部參觀機會!其中的雲賽道包括大數據、人工智能、雲計算等主題;網絡賽道包括數通、安全、無綫等主題。華為將在澳大舉辦介紹會和路演,將介紹賽前培訓和備戰tips, 現場大禮&大賽報名成功禮豐厚!歡迎同學們掃以下QR CODE報名參加!



“Huawei 6th Global ICT Competition-Macau Station” will be held from October to December. It will be divided into national competitions, regional competitions, 3 parts of the global competition. The awards include cash prizes and the opportunity to visit Huawei headquarters! The cloud track includes Big Data, AI, Cloud Computing; the network track includes data communication, security & wireless

Huawei will hold an introduction meeting and roadshow at UM, and will explain pre-match training and preparation tips. Scan the QR CODE to apply!

Roadshow and Introduction of the competition
Date: 29 September 2021
Time: 2:00-3:00 pm
Venue: UM Lecture Hall, E4-G078















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