Studying coastal disasters and coastal engineering

Professor Shi Huabin joined UM in 2020 as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Civil Engineering of the FST. He is also one of the research members of State Key Laboratory of Internet of Things for Smart City (SKL-IoTSC) and the Centre for Regional Oceans. Professor Shi was served as a visiting scholar and researcher in American and British universities in the past few years. His research involves coastal disasters, coastal engineering, sediment transport, and the evolution of beaches and coastlines under the influence of storm surges. Today, Macao has paid more and more attention to marine management and development, there is an urgent need for scientific research in marine management, utilization and protection. Prof Shi’s research has fitted into the current situation in Macao which can offer more information for future research.

A representative research

Prof Shi had participated into a research of wave power generation when he was an undergraduate at Tsinghua University, which encouraged him to continue his research career. With his hard work and grade level, Prof Shi continued his Ph.D. degree at Tsinghua University and has since focused on studying sediment transport and coastal disasters. In 2017, his single-author monograph “Two-phase Flow Models for Sediment Transport” was published by a first-rate publishing house China Water & Power Press. It laid a foundation for in-depth research on the mechanism of water and sand transport. The book is a good reference for professionals, teachers and students of colleges. Professor Shi noted that sediment transport is a classical but important scientific subject in coastal engineering and is also a key practical engineering problem in the protection and utilization of coastal areas. At present, there are substantial challenges in the study of sediment transport. It would be a hot topic to develop a general theory of the dynamics of turbulent flows and the motion of granular materials.

Recommendations to students

For students who are aspiring to choose the path of studying coastal engineering and marine disasters, Prof Shi encourages them to ‘remain curious, motivated, and continue to explore, earnestly seek and persevere in doing everything’. ‘Students should persist if they find a suitable and interesting research topic,’ he says. In the future, Professor Shi hopes to establish more connections with institutions and universities, as well as to participate into more national projects so as to make good use of his own capabilities and contribute to the scientific development of UM.




過去曾在大學時期參與波浪發電研究的他,大三時已決心升讀博士。憑藉努力及優異的成績,施教授在完成清華大學學士學位後直接升讀博士,從此專注於鑽研泥沙運動和沿海災害。2017年,他的單一作者專著 “水沙兩相流數學模型及其應用”,由國內一級專業科技出版社中國水利水電出版社出版,為深入研究水沙運動機理奠定了基礎,書本目前供泥沙動力學相關專業人士及高等院校師生參考。施教授表示,水沙運動是海岸科學的基礎科學問題,也是海洋保護與利用中面臨的現實工程問題。當前,水沙運動研究仍存在巨大挑戰,發展湍流動力學和顆粒材料運動學的綜合理論是未來研究的重要方向。


對於有志踏上研究之路的學生,施教授勉勵學生們說: 「要保持好奇心及積極性。懂得主動交流探索,認真求索、鍥而不捨做好每件事。遇到有興趣及適合自己的研究方向,要懂得堅持。」施教授期望未來能爭取更多與機構及大學的合作交流機會及參與更多國家工程,善用自身能力,為發展澳大的科研貢獻力量。

Prof Shi’s research are about coastal disasters,
coastal engineering and sediment transport, etc.

Prof Shi’s single-author monograph
“Two-phase Flow Models for Sediment Transport”