List of Advisors for Academic Year 2021/2022

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Student No. Advisor
DB906095 Prof. Che Man CHENG
DB923113 Prof. Che Man CHENG
DB925032 Prof. Deng DING
DB925144 Prof. Deng DING
DB925153 Prof. Deng DING
DB925192 Prof. Deng DING
DB925551 Prof. Deng DING
DB925675 Prof. Deng DING
DB925799 Prof. Deng DING
DB925829 Dr. Ping Zhao
DB925838 Dr. Ping Zhao
DB926093 Dr. Ping Zhao
DB926201 Prof. Che Man CHENG
DB926283 Prof. Che Man CHENG
DB926361 Prof. Kit Ian KOU
DB926627 Prof. Kit Ian KOU
DB926681 Prof. Kit Ian KOU
DB926835 Prof. Kit Ian KOU
DB926901 Prof. Siu Long LEI
DB927226 Prof. Siu Long LEI
DB927253 Prof. Ieng Tak LEONG
DB927283 Prof. Ieng Tak LEONG
DB927301 Prof. Ieng Tak LEONG
DB927482 Dr. Ping Zhao
DB927491 Prof. Zhi LIU
DB927503 Dr. Ping Zhao
DB927633 Prof. Seak Weng VONG
DB927672 Prof. Seak Weng VONG
DB927910 Prof. Seak Weng VONG
DB928015 Mr. Lung Yam WAN
DB928090 Mr. Lung Yam WAN
DB928102 Prof. Lihu XU
DB928166 Prof. Lihu XU
DB928184 Prof. Lihu XU
DB928193 Prof. Lihu XU
DB928223 Mr. Lung Yam WAN
DB928262 Mr. Lung Yam WAN
DB928271 Mr. Lung Yam WAN
DB928310 Mr. Lung Yam WAN
DB928338 Mr. Lung Yam WAN
DB928356 Prof. Che Man CHENG
DB928383 Prof. Che Man CHENG
DB928443 Prof. Che Man CHENG
DB928498 Prof. Che Man CHENG
DB929866 Dr. Ping Zhao
DC025150 Prof. Deng DING
DC025322 Prof. Deng DING
DC025386 Prof. Deng DING
DC025395 Prof. Guanghui HU
DC025425 Prof. Guanghui HU
DC025443 Prof. Guanghui HU
DC025549 Prof. Kit Ian KOU
DC025633 Prof. Kit Ian KOU
DC025690 Prof. Kit Ian KOU
DC026193 Prof. Kit Ian KOU
DC026470 Prof. Kit Ian KOU
DC026500 Prof. Kit Ian KOU
DC026546 Prof. Siu Long LEI
DC026953 Prof. Siu Long LEI
DC026971 Prof. Siu Long LEI
DC027088 Prof. Ieng Tak LEONG
DC027163 Prof. Ieng Tak LEONG
DC027181 Prof. Ieng Tak LEONG
DC027202 Prof. Zhi LIU
DC027308 Prof. Zhi LIU
DC027383 Prof. Siu Long LEI
DC027573 Prof. Zhi LIU
DC027591 Prof. Sik Chung TAM
DC027603 Prof. Sik Chung TAM
DC027715 Prof. Sik Chung TAM
DC027941 Prof. Seak Weng VONG
DC027962 Prof. Seak Weng VONG
DC028124 Prof. Seak Weng VONG
DC028399 Mr. Lung Yam WAN
DC028483 Mr. Lung Yam WAN
DC028513 Mr. Lung Yam WAN
DC028600 Prof. Lihu XU
DC028628 Prof. Lihu XU
DC028637 Prof. Lihu XU
DC028646 Prof. Qiang ZENG
DC028682 Prof. Qiang ZENG
DC028836 Prof. Qiang ZENG
DC125041 Prof. Siu Long LEI
DC125096 Prof. Siu Long LEI
DC125240 Prof. Siu Long LEI
DC125286 Prof. Ieng Tak LEONG
DC125334 Prof. Ieng Tak LEONG
DC125467 Prof. Ieng Tak LEONG
DC125515 Prof. Ieng Tak LEONG
DC125581 Prof. Zhi LIU
DC125693 Prof. Zhi LIU
DC125913 Prof. Zhi LIU
DC125922 Prof. Zhi LIU
DC125952 Prof. Sik Chung TAM
DC126066 Prof. Sik Chung TAM
DC126075 Prof. Sik Chung TAM
DC126084 Prof. Sik Chung TAM
DC126093 Prof. Seak Weng VONG
DC126292 Prof. Seak Weng VONG
DC126313 Prof. Seak Weng VONG
DC126419 Prof. Seak Weng VONG
DC126437 Mr. Lung Yam WAN
DC126446 Mr. Lung Yam WAN
DC126542 Mr. Lung Yam WAN
DC126597 Mr. Lung Yam WAN
DC126636 Prof. Lihu XU
DC126702 Prof. Lihu XU
DC126741 Prof. Lihu XU
DC126862 Prof. Lihu XU
DC126922 Prof. Qiang ZENG
DC126931 Prof. Qiang ZENG
DC126986 Prof. Qiang ZENG
DC127196 Prof. Qiang ZENG
DC127235 Prof. Qiang ZENG
DC127271 Prof. Qiang ZENG
DC127434 Prof. Qiang ZENG
DC127530 Prof. Qiang ZENG
DC127642 Prof. Guanghui HU
DC127681 Prof. Guanghui HU
DC128232 Prof. Guanghui HU
DC128271 Prof. Guanghui HU
DC128280 Prof. Lihu XU
DC128310 Prof. Lihu XU
DC128329 Prof. Lihu XU
DC128356 Prof. Siu Long LEI
DC128365 Prof. Siu Long LEI
DC128374 Prof. Zhi LIU
DC128383 Prof. Zhi LIU