Welcome to Department of Mathematics

Department of Mathematics (MAT) is a vibrant, innovative, and diverse academic community dedicated to fostering a love for mathematics and advancing the frontiers of mathematical knowledge. Our faculty, a group of world-renowned scholars and educators, are at the forefront of mathematical research and education. They are passionate about mathematics and committed to inspiring this enthusiasm in every student they instruct. Mathematics is not just a subject but a language that helps us describe and solve complex problems in various fields. This belief drives our commitment to provide a broad and robust mathematical education that equips our students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in a wide range of careers, from academia and education to industry and technology.

Currently, there are 20 professors and lecturers in our department. It offers both master’s and doctoral programs. We are responsible for teaching mathematics post-graduate programs, the mathematics courses in engineering programs of various engineering departments in the Faculty of Science and Technology, and the mathematics courses in the undergraduate mathematics program in the Faculty of Education. Besides teaching, the Department also emphasizes research, such as Partial Differential Equations, High-Performance Scientific Computing, Computational Mathematics, Statistics and Applied Probability, and Mathematics of Machine Learning.

Our Mathematics Department provides an environment that supports and encourages academic exploration and encourages students to participate in innovative research projects. We aim to cultivate students’ mathematical skills and critical thinking abilities to help them succeed in various professions and life.