Math Competitions

Contemporary Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling (CUMCM)

The National College Student Mathematical Modeling Contest began in 1992 and is held every year. It has become the largest basic subject competition in colleges and universities in the country and the largest mathematical contest in modeling in the world.

Since 2013, the University of Macau has formed teams to participate in the CUMCM. In recent years, students from different majors have been enthusiastic about participating in this modeling contest and have won a total of twelve second prizes in this contest.

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The Mathematical/Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling (MCM/ICM)
MCM/ICM is the abbreviation of Mathematical Contest in Modeling and Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling. MCM started in 1985, and ICM started in 1999. It is sponsored by COMAP (the Consortium for Mathematics and Its Application) and sponsored by SIAM, NSA, INFORMS, and other organizations. MCM/ICM emphasizes the originality of research and solutions, teamwork, communication, and the rationality of results.

Since 2015, the University of Macau has teams to participate in the MCM/ICM. So far, the teams from the University of Macau have won more than ten first and second prizes in this contest.

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University of Macau Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling (UMMCM)

UMMCM is held by MIMAUMSU (Mathematical and Interdisciplinary Modeling Association of University of Macau) since 2017. The participants are students from the University of Macau. so far It has been held for three contests and many students from different majors have participated the contest actively. At the same time, UMMCM also provides a learning environment for mathematical modeling and a channel for communication with tutors for students from the University of Macau, which has significantly helped the improvement of the performance of the University of Macau in the modeling competition.

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