Academic Staff

Department Head

Changfeng GUI, Ph.D. (桂長峰)
UMDF Professorial Fellow of Mathematics
Email: changfenggui
Tel: (853) 8822-9944 Location: E11-3073
Research interests:
Analysis of nonlinear partial differential equations arising in various fields of sciences and engineering, including physics, material sciences, image processing, population dynamics, etc. Calculus of variations and applications.

Chair Professor

Xiao-Chuan CAI, Ph.D. (蔡小川)
UMDF Chair Professor of Applied Mathematics
Associate Dean (Research and Graduate Studies), FST
Director of Centre for Applied Mathematics

Email: xccai
Tel: (853) 8822-4464 Location: E11-4042a
Research interests:
General area of scientific and engineering computing including parallel algorithms and high performance software for linear and nonlinear partial differential equations, domain decomposition methods, multigrid methods, numerical linear algebra, PDE constrained optimizations, inverse problems, stochastic partial differential equations, computational fluid dynamics, fluid-structure interactions, computational biomechanics, and parallel processing.

Distinguished Professor

Xiao Qing JIN, Ph.D. (金小慶)
Email: xqjin
Tel: (853) 8822-4390 Location: E11-3082
Research interests:
Scientific Computing, Numerical Linear Algebra – especially on fast iterative solvers for structured systems and their applications, Financial Mathematics.


Haiwei SUN, Ph.D. (孫海衛)
Email: hsun
Tel: (853) 8822-4455Location: E11-3080
Research interests:
Numerical Linear Algebra, Numerical PDEs, Control Theory, Computational Finance.
Seak Weng VONG, George, Ph.D. (黃錫榮)
Email: swvong
Tel: (853) 8822-4359 Location: E11-3071
Research interests:
Hyperbolic Conservation Laws, Mathematical Theory of Shock Waves, Computational Linear Algebra.

Associate Professors

Che Man CHENG, Raymond, Ph.D. (鄭智文)
Associate Head of Department of Mathematics (MAT)
Email: fstcmc
Tel: (853) 8822-4457 Location: E11-3065

Research interests:
Matrix theory, including numerical ranges, eigenvalues and singular values, and Hurwitz matrix equations.
Deng DING, Ph.D. (丁燈)
Email: dding
Tel: (853) 8822-4372 Location: E11-3063
Research interests:
Stochastic Differential Equations, Stochastic Optimal Control Theory, Financial Mathematics and Option Pricing Theory, Probability and Statistics.
Guanghui HU, Ph.D. (胡光輝)
Email: garyhu
Tel: (853) 8822-8544 Location: E11-3070
Research interests:
Electronic Structure Calculations, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Adaptive Methods of Partial Differential Equations.
Kit Ian KOU, Anna, Ph.D. (高潔欣)
Email: kikou
Tel: (853) 8822-4472 Location: E11-3067
Research interests:
Fourier Analysis, Clifford Analysis, Windowed Linear Canonical Analysis, Shannon Sampling Theorems, Harmonic Analysis in Euclidean Spaces.
Siu Long LEI, Ph.D. (李兆隆)
Coordinator of Student Exchange Programs
Email: sllei
Tel: (853) 8822-4449Location: E11-3066
Research interests:
Numerical Linear Algebra, Numerical Partial Differential Equations, Adaptive Method for Singular Problems, Phase-Field Simulations of Two-Phase Flows.
Ieng Tak LEONG, Ph.D. (梁應德)
Email: itleong
Tel: (853) 8822-4468 Location: E11-3068
Research interests:
Wavelets, Algebraic Geometry and Mathematical Physics, Image Processing.
Zhi LIU, Ph.D. (劉志)
Email: liuzhi
Tel: (853) 8822-4494 Location: E11-3072
Research interests:
Statistical Inference of Stochastic Processes, Statistics of High Frequency Data, Volatility Estimation, Risk Management.
Sik Chung TAM, Ph.D. (譚錫忠)
Email: fstsct
Tel: (853) 8822-4475 Location: E11-3062
Research interests:
Computational Intelligence: Neural Networks, Evolutional Optimization, Applications of Mathematics.
Lihu XU, Ph.D. (徐禮虎)
Email: lihuxu
Tel: (853) 8822-4429 Location: E11-3075
Research interests:
Stochastic Processes, Stochastic PDEs and Ergodic Theory, Probability Limit Theorems and Large (Moderate) Deviations, High Dimensional Probability and Statistics.
Wen YANG, Ph.D. (楊文)
Email: wenyang
Tel: (853) 8822-8546 Location: E11-3069
Research interests:
Partial Differential Equations.

Assistant Professor

Li LUO, Ph.D. (羅力)
Email: liluo
Tel: (853) 8822-4290 Location: E11-3048
Research interests:
  • Parallel algorithms and high performance software for linear and nonlinear partial differential equations
  • Computational fluid dynamics (Microfluidics, Biofluid dynamics, Geophysical flows)
  • Heterogeneous computing (GPU)
Zhixiang ZHANG, Ph.D. (張志翔)
Email: zhixzhang
Tel: (853) 8822-4153 Location: E11-3078
Research interests:
  • High-dimensional statistics
  • Random matrix theory
  • Statistical machine learning

Research Assistant Professor

Yingzhi LIU, Ph.D. (劉穎智)
Email: yingzhiliu
Location: E11-2024
Research interests:
Numerical Methods, Domain Decomposition Methods, Parallel Algorithms
Hongwei YUAN, Ph.D. (袁洪煒)
Email: hwyuan
Location: E11-2008e
Research interests:
Partial differential equations in fluid dynamics, control problems and mathematical
fnance, including stead compressible Euler equation, Bellman equation, master equation

Senior Instructors

Lung Yam WAN, Michael, M.Phil. (溫龍欽)
Email: miclywan
Tel: (853) 8822-8463 Location: E11-3074
Research interests:
Representation Theory of Lie Group, Mathematics Education.

Emeritus Professor

Tao QIAN, Ph.D. (錢濤)
Email: fsttq
Tel: (853) 8822-8547 Location: E11-3084 / 3085
Research interests:
Harmonic Analysis in Euclidean Spaces, Partial Differential Equations, Complex Analysis of One and Several Variables, Clifford Analysis, Time-Frequency Analysis, Signal and Image Processing (Edge Detection), Control Theory (System Identification).
Yang CHEN, Ph.D.
Email: yayangchen

Research interests:
• Random matrix theory (RMT)
• RMT, with applications to Multivariate Statistics, Wireless Communication Systems
• Orthogonal Polynomials and Special Functions
• Painleve Transcendents and Integrable Systems