Exchange Programmes

Our university has academic connections with several universities and academic networks world-wide. Students in the department are able to pursue one semester or more in the host institution. Faculty of Science and Technology (FST) and Global Affairs Office (GAO) will hold the student exchange program briefing at the beginning of each semester. The available student exchange programs, number of quotas and application deadline will be announced in the briefing and will be posted at (Faculty-level exchange programs) and (University-level exchange programs).

Participating in a student exchange program is an opportunity to get not only academic experiences but also personal experiences by studying at other universities.  It can be a very rewarding and enriching experiences to live in other countries to get to know different culture and other ways of thinking, as well as learning to be independent and taking care of oneself.

Things to note: Applicant is highly recommended to get advice from the department adviser when he/she fills in the Learning Agreement. For the courses offered by FST, approval by the Adviser of Student Exchange Programs of concerned department is needed. If the courses are offered by other faculty or academic unit, approval by the course instructors is needed.