Research Areas

Applied and Computational Mathematics

Major research areas in applied and computational mathematics include numerical linear algebra, numerical methods for partial differential equations, high performance scientific/engineering computing, etc, as well as the multidisciplinary research based on computational fluid dynamics, electronic structure calculations, etc.

There are UMPF Chair Professor Xiao-Chuan Cai, Distinguished Professor Xiao Qing Jin, etc. whose research focuses on applied and computational mathematics. One digital-twin system in the Centre for Applied Mathematics, and a small computer cluster with GPU cards are available to support the research.


Statistics & Probability

Statistics and Applied Probability Data-driven applied mathematics discipline Exploring the logic behind practical problems through constructing statistical methods. Combining current international theoretical research hotspots and social development needs, our department intends to research the following three aspects:

  • Random Matrix
  • Statistics for Stochastic Processes
  • Statistical Asymptotic Theory


High Performance Scientific Computing

High-performance scientific computing studies how to use supercomputers to solve large-scale and complex problems in terms of computer architecture, parallel algorithms, and software development. Our Department intends to carry out research on the following two aspects:

  • Scalable Algorithms
  • Mathematical Software