M.Sc. Courses (From 2019/2020)


Department of Mathematics

MATH7001.Functional Analysis
MATH7002.Real Analysis
MATH7003.Advanced Numerical Linear Algebra
MATH7004.Advanced Probability and Statistics
MATH7005.Clifford Analysis
MATH7006.Geometry and Its Applications
MATH7007.Mathematical Theory of Computational Intelligence
MATH7008.Matrix Analysis
MATH7009.Numerical Methods for Differential Equations
MATH7010.Partial Differential Equations
MATH7011.Reading Course I
MATH7012.Reading Course II
MATH7013.Stochastic Differential Equations
MATH7014.Stochastic Processes
MATH7015.Time Series Analysis
MATH7016.Topics in Analysis
MATH7017.Topics in Geometry
MATH7018.Topics in Matrix Analysis
MATH7019.Topics in Partial Differential Equations
MATH7020.Topics in Probability and Statistics
MATH7021.Financial Mathematics
MATH7996.Applied Thesis
MATH7998.Project Report
MATH7999.Academic Thesis