Academic Unit
Description of Specialization
Faculty of Science and Technology
Civil Engineering
Structural Mechanics, Vibration of Plates and Shells, Nonlinear Vibrations of Structures, Computational Mechanics Prof. Vai Pan IU
Air Quality Modeling and Prediction; Development of A muLti-scaLe aIr pollutioN mOdeliNg systEm
(ALL-IN-ONE) for Macau
Prof. Kai Meng MOK
Structural health monitoring; structural vibration control; structural reliability; earthquake engineering Prof. Ka Veng YUEN
Nonlinear Random Vibrations of Structures Prof. Guokang ER
Fracture Mechanics, Computational
Mechanics, Transport Engineering
Prof. Kun Pang KOU
Environmental Biotechnology; Biological Wastewater Treatment and Reuse; Bioremediation; Biogas/Biodiesel Production from Waste(water) Prof. Hojae SHIM
Cold-formed steel structures; Stainless steel structures; Structural stability; Residual stresses and cold-work effect; Mechanical behavior of structural steels. Prof. Wai Meng QUACH
Experimental and theoretical study for pile supported embankment and underground structures. Prof. Wanhuan ZHOU
Structural stability, Fracture and fatigue of steel structures, Rehabilitation of structures using fibre reinforced polymers, Application of Smart Material Alloy (SMA) on Civil Engineering Structures, Structural analysis of historical masonry buildings Prof. Chi Chiu LAM
Computer Science
Big Data and Cloud Computing, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Cybernetics, Systems, Image Security, Robotics, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Brian-Machine Interaction Prof. Philip CHEN
Image Processing, Pattern recognition, Multimedia security and forensics, multimedia signal processing Prof. Yuanyan TANG
Data stream mining and bio-inspired optimization algorithms Prof. Simon FONG James
Database, Web Mining, Information Retrieval Prof. Zhiguo GONG
E-commerce technology, electronic marketplace, virtual world, semantic Integration. Prof. Jingzhi GUO
Object-Oriented Software Engineering, Software Generation Automation, Formal Specification. Prof. Xiaoshan LI
Digital Image Processing; Multimedia Security; Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision Prof. Chi Man PUN
Machine Learning, Neural Networks Prof. Chi Man VONG
Signal Processing and Spectrum Analysis Prof. Long CHEN
Pattern Recognition, Data Analytics and Visualization, Business Process Management Prof. Yain Whar SI
Computer-aided drug design, Membrane protein structure prediction, Molecular dynamics simulations, Machine learning in bioinformatics Prof. Weng In SIU
Big data processing and analytics Prof. Leong Hou U
Natural Language Processing, Machine Translation, and Machine Learning for NLP Prof. Fai WONG
1. Image Processing 2. Signal Processing 3. Multimedia Computing 4. Pattern Recognition Prof. Liming ZHANG
Multimedia forensics and security Prof. Jiantao ZHOU
Image processing Prof. Yicong ZHOU
Electrical and Computer
Analog and Mixed-Signal IC Design, CMOS Data Converters Prof. Rui Martins
linear and nonlinear control theory, coordinated control of multiple vehicles, aided inertial navigation systems with applications to unmanned air and ocean vehicles. Prof. Carlos J. F. Silvestre
Desing of RF/MW Circuit System, RFID System, Phase Arrary Antenna Prof. Kam Weng TAM
RF/Microwave Engineering, Antennas and Computational Electromagnetics Prof. Lei ZHU
Low-power and wideband high-speed Nyquist A/D converters
Analog Front-End Circuits for Communication and Consumer Electronics
Prof. Seng Pan U
Desing of RF/MW Circuit, System; Tunable RF components; Radar System Prof. Wai Wa CHOI
Signal processing and wireless communications Prof. Shaodan MA
Low-Power/High-Frequency CMOS Wireless Circuits and Systems, Precision Analog Electronics Prof. Pui In MAK
SPECT/PET/CT Imaging Physics Prof. Seng Peng MOK
Analog and Mixed-Signal IC Design, CMOS Data Converters, Power Mangament IC Prof. Sai Weng SIN
Biomedical Engineering: Electronics, Electromagnetism and Digital Signal Processing in Biomedical Engineering, Embedded System: Application based on microprocessors, DSP and FPGA Prof. Mang I VAI
Adaptive Hybrid Power Filter and Unified Power Quality Compensator Prof. Man Chung WONG
Capacitor couplilng grid-connected inverter and its application in smart grid Prof. Ningyi DAI
Computational Electromagnetics, Antenna and Propagation, RF/MW Circuit Prof. Sio Weng TING
Computational Intelligence, Intelligent Control, Biomedical Signal Processing, Brain- Computer Interfaces, Neural Engineering Prof. Feng WAN
Power system anlysis, contorl and stability; design of energy battery storage system Prof. Chi Kong WONG
Electromechanical Engineering
Micro-scale heat transfer, heat transfer enhancement, energy systems, indoor air quality measurement and simulation, chaos. Prof. Lap Mou TAM
Automotive Engineering, Mechanical Vibration, Fluid Power Engineering, Engineering applications of artificial intelligence Prof. Pak Kin WONG
Nanomaterials, Biomaterials, Surface Engineering, Laser Materials Processing, Corrosion Prof. Chi Tat KWOK
Mechanical and magnetic characterisation of metals, Laser materials processing, Cavitation behaviour of metals, Engineering failure analysis Prof. Kin Ho LO
MEMS/NEMS, Micro/Nano Mechatronics, Micro/Nano Systems, Computational Intelligence, Advanced and Intelligent Control, Prognosis and Diagnosis, Structural Health Monitoring, Sensors and Actuators, Smart Materials and Structures, Robotics and Automation Prof. Qingsong XU
Solar Energy, Heat Transfer, Lattice Boltzmann Simulations Prof. Yan SU
Enterprise Resource Planning Systems, Human Factors Engineering and Ergonomics, Applied RFID Technology in Industrial Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Engineering Management, Knowledge Management and Production Management, Innovative Product Design, Condition Monitoring System, Proton Electrolytic Membrane Fuel Cells, CAD/CAM Systems, Optical Instrumentation for Manufacturing Processes Prof. Seng Fat WONG
Customized innovative product design, Design reuse; Engineering applications of artificial intelligence, Fault diagnosis; Intelligent control of manufacturing system. Prof. Zhixin YANG
Random matrix theory Prof. Yang CHEN
Scientific computing, numerical linear algebra – especially on fast iterative solvers for structured systems and their applications, financial mathematics. Prof. Xiaoqing JIN
Harmonic analysis; Clifford analysis; Signal analysis Prof. Tao QIAN
Stochastic differential equations, Markov processes, limit theory, stochastic analysis, stochastic filtering, mathematical finance, statistics. Prof. Jie XIONG
Stochastic differential equations. Stochastic optimal control theory. Financial mathematics. Probability, statistics, and their applications. Prof. Deng DING
Fourier Analysis, Signal analysis, Complex and Quaternion Analysis Prof. Kit Ian KOU
Scientific computing, numerical PDEs, High Order and Adaptive Methods for PDEs, their numerical analysis and applications on electronic structure calculations and computational fuild dynamics. Prof. Haiwei SUN
Computational Linear Algebra, fractional differential equations, conservation laws Prof. Seak Weng VONG
Electronic structure calculations, Computational fluid dynamics, Adaptive methods of partial differential equations Prof. Guanghui HU
Numerical differential equations and
Numerical linear algebra
Prof. Siu Long LEI
Financial risk management for high frequency data, Statistical inference of stochastic processes, Volatility estimation, Statistical Finance. Bioinformatics Prof. Zhi LIU
Stochastic PDEs, Ergodic Theory, Levy Processes, Large (Moderate) Deviations, Limit Theorems, Theory on High Dimensional Statistics Prof. Lihu XU