“2021智能系統及製造夏令營” 為期兩天,活動內容包含四大主題: 1) 運輸系統金屬材料;2) 工程設計及製造技術;3) 肌電信號輸入的智能操作系統;4) 流變液阻尼器智能系統的沿起及發展。夏令營亦安排了互動工程實驗及演示和集體遊戲。“2021智能系統及製造夏令營” 的主要目的是希望向學生灌輸和介紹各類智能系統及製造的相關知識,從而讓青少年及早學習和接觸機電工程知識在此範疇的重要性。

The two-day “2021 Intelligent Systems & Manufacturing Summer Camp” consists of four major themes: 1) Metal materials for transportation system; 2) Engineering Design and Manufacturing; 3) EMG signal operated intelligent system; 4) Magnetorheological fluid damper intelligent system. Group games and interactive engineering experiments and demonstrations are designed for students. The aim of “2021 Intelligent Systems & Manufacturing Summer Camp” is to instill and introduce various smart systems and manufacturing processes to students such that they can learn and be exposed to the importance of electromechanical engineering in this field.

7月22日 | 22 July

  • 神奇金屬與材料破壞實驗 Amazing metal and material destruction experiment

  • 破冰遊戲 Ice breaking games 

  • 工程設計及製造技術 Engineering Design and Manufacturing

7月23日 | 23 July

  • 肌電信號輸入的智能操作系統 EMG signal operated intelligent system
  • 磁流變液阻尼器智能系統 Magnetorheological fluid damper intelligent system

  • Contact Person: Ms. Ivy Wong

  • Phone: 8822 8057

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