Chi Tat KWOK, Ph.D. 郭志達
Head of Department of Electromechanical Engineering

Corrosion, Wear and Degradation of Materials, Surface Engineering, Laser Materials Processing, Biomaterials, Friction Stir Processing.

Lap Mou TAM, Ph.D. 譚立武
Chairman of the Board of Directors of IDQ Macau

Micro Scale Heat Transfer, Heat Transfer Enhancement, Chaos, Fire Engineering, Indoor Air Quality Measurements and Simulation.

Pak Kin WONG, Ph.D. 王百鍵
Dean of Graduate School (GRS)

Automotive engines, drive trains and chassis, Intelligent automotive and active safety systems, Fluid power engineering, Mechanical vibration, Medical applications of artificial intelligence.

Qingsong XU, Ph.D. 徐青松

MEMS/NEMS, Micro/Nano Systems, Micro/Nano Manipulation/Assembly, Computational Intelligence, Advanced and Intelligent Control, Prognosis and Diagnosis, Structural Health Monitoring, Sensors and Actuators, Smart Materials and Structures, Robotics and Automation.

Associate Professors

Hui KONG, Ph.D. 孔慧

Computer vision, SLAM, mobile robotics, multi-view geometry, motion planning etc. with applications to autonomous driving, mobile robot navigation, intelligent transportation system etc.

Kin Ho LO, Ph.D. 羅健豪

Phase transformation phenomena of metallic materials, Mechanical/Magnetic behavior and testing of metals, Engineering mechanics, Laser materials processing, Non-destructive evaluation of residual stresses.

Vai Kuong SIN, Ph.D. 冼偉光

Fire Resistance Test and Modeling of Smoke Management, Indoor Air Quality, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Two Phase Turbulent Flow, Numerical Linear Algebra.

Yan SU, Ph.D. 粟燕

Renewable Energy and Solar Energy Systems, Thermal Dispersion in Porous Medium, Three Dimensional Numerical Simulations of Oscillating Flows and Heat Transfer, Microencapsulated Slurries of PCM, Indoor Air Quality.

Seng Fat WONG, Alfred, Ph.D. 黃承發
Interim College Master of Cheng Yu Tung College (CYTC)

Ergonomics, Enterprise Resource Planning, Knowledge Management, RFID, Innovative Product Design, Engineering Management, Partnership Development, Optical Instrumentation for Manufacturing Processes, CAD/CAM Systems.

Zhixin YANG, Ph.D. 楊志新

Collaborative Product Development, Product Reuse, Product Lifecycle Management, CAD/CAM, Condition Monitoring, Mass Customization, Feature Recognition.

Assistant Professors

Valentino Anok Melo CRISTINO, Ph.D. 紀天龍

Metal forming, Metal cutting, Manufacturing processes, Machine-tools, CAD/CAM/CNC, Metal Workshop, Tribology, Industrial Metrology, Experimental Techniques.

Ying JIANG, Ph.D. 姜穎

  • E11-4065

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Soft electronics for human-machine interface, including: Functional soft composite materials, Conformal bio-electronic interactive interface, Integrated wearable/implantable soft electronic system.

Iek Man LEI, Ph.D. 李奕雯

Advanced fabrication technology of soft materials, Bioinspired design of soft materials, Soft material engineering

Jinrong LIU, Ph.D. 劉錦榮

Networked control, Multi-agent systems, Learning-based control, Intelligent systems, Cooperative control of mobile robots (UAVs and UGVs), Soft Robot.

Junwen ZHONG, Ph.D. 鍾俊文

Self-powered systems, active sensors, mechanical actuators, and soft robots.

Senior Instructor

Seng Kin LAO, Skelton, Ph.D. 劉承堅

Chaos theory, fractional calculus, nonlinear dynamics, control theory, computational fluid dynamics, fire safety engineering.